Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer is Just Kicking In.....

OK~ Summer is really just kicking in~ at least here in Iowa!  More than two weeks ago I noticed a sign in front of a large local retailer, "Summer Patio Furniture- Clearance Sale." I thought to myself, "Wow," as I looked at my attire- jeans and a sweatshirt. Today I noticed several "Back To School" items in a store...Mind you, school starts for many the middle of August. Oh well...I guess if I'm thinking I will be needing a new swim suit, better get on that hunt now. I'm sure the parkas, snow boots and winter gloves will be easy to find once the 4th of July hits!

We all live in such a fast paced society...and our local retailers don't help our mind set. In our world today it is nearly impossible to enjoy the season at hand, as we always need to be thinking of what's coming next! I'm not sure how it was 30 something years ago when my parents were Back To School Shopping, but I really don't think my parents were thinking of Back To School in June! Our family was getting our 4-H projects ready for the county fair, we were walking beans, picking up rocks..and were thankful to get to the local swimming pool on an occasional hot summer evening.

How life has changed! This Mom will not be doing any Back To School Shopping until August~ as she's going to try and enjoy the season called Summer! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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