Friday, July 1, 2011

Four Things That Everyone Should Experience......

OK~ Just thinking today...lots on my mind!  I'm really thinking these are important for everyone to experience at least once in their lifetime.......

  1. A hot, summer day~ Sunshine and summertime are really therapeutic!
  2. A blizzard in January~ makes you much more appreciative of summertime!
  3. Camping under the stars~ there's just something about being in the great outdoors. Of course, there would be no mosquitoes!
  4. Celebrating a festival...any type~With the 4th of July here..get out and enjoy your family, friends, and be thankful for the freedom's that we have in the good old USA!!!!!!
I'm gonna get out this week-end....take in the sights and sounds! I hope you do too...Check out your local happenings and if you happen to be in the North Iowa area..Clear Lake, Iowa, is truly one of the finest places to be on the 4th of July! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right? 

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  1. Yeah,your are absolutely right.These four things are very essential for leading a healthful life but i think that camping is just great to have especially in summer.


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