Saturday, July 16, 2011

Seriously..It's July AND a Mouse in the House

OK~ With all of these crazy farm cats that reside here, I am totally stunned that I seriously came home from Bloggy Conference to a mouse in the house. Blaine had reported that he knows there is a mouse living under the dishwasher..Can you say yuck? So, his Dad did the right thing, got out one of those trusty sticky traps and voila~ a MOUSE in the trap!

This is July, I dread to think what is going to appear when October rolls around. In the meantime, this Mom is firing every single farm cat, as they are not doing their job! On the other hand, I was thankful to come home to a clean house! My hubby rocks in the house cleaning department. He challenged our 20 year old, see how tall the stack of dirty plates can get. Well, hubby had to take charge once there was no longer a clean plate in the house. I am glad I was not home to see this stack, as I have a feeling it was not a pretty sight.

Maybe that's why the mouse came in the house...There was a welcoming stack of dirty plates! Oh well........for now we wait to see if this mouse had any partners in crime! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. Oh my lol! I think I would have screamed and cried if we saw that when we come back from bloggy con. I'm already anxious to see how well our kitty survived. You handled the situation well though!

  2. Been there with the mouse stuff, I had that problem back before hubby and cats and actually moved out for a week until I 'hoped' they were all gone. So far my cats are indoor and only catch the occasional bug or shadow....I'm hoping that's enough training should their mousing skills be needed....or I'll be heading to my parents place again LOL.

  3. lol! A Mouse. I've trained my cat so well. A mouse can't stay alive longer than a few days. Usually house cat's don't have hunting skills at all. A house cat hunts a mouse just to play with it.

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  4. So great to meet you at bloggycon! Thanks for taking me on the Great Wolf tour. ha!

  5. I feel your pain on the mouse front! Luckily we have none now but these Ohio mice are too smart for traps - it took us months to catch the last one this past winter. Yuck! I came home from BloggyCon to a mountainous pile of laundry and dishes. And an empty house with no one to help me clean it up!


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