Saturday, July 2, 2011

Swimming Pools And Kids...

OK~ I'm probably gonna get blasted by a few of you for writing this post~ but this is hanging over my head and I need to vent. For many years, myself, and my two boys would head to the local swimming pool, which eventually involved into an aquatic center. This is where we spent many, many hours during the summertime for several years while they were growing up. I still ponder as to why so many parents use these types of facilities for babysitters.  Here, kids can be 8 years old~ yep, 8 years old! That age still perplexes me......

I am not a lifeguard, but avid swimmer. Lifeguards do not have the time to babysit all of these youngsters and perform their jobs to be the best of the best! Through the years I continually saw these "stray" kids...dumped off at the local swimming pool, and just eager to have some conversation with a "Mom!" Therefore, hanging out at the pool, with my kids, I met a lot of kids and heard a lot of heartbreaking stories.

Just recently our local swimming pool was closed....due to someone doing their "business" in the pool. And, many of the kids that were "dumped" off had no way to get a ride home. Should it have been up to the lifeguards, pool management, or who to get these kids home? As many of these kiddos would not be picked up until way later in the day......

This is frustrating to see. I just wish that parents would be parents and see that their kids are safe and know what to do if the "what if" happens. In this Mom's opinion, public swimming pools should not be babysitters- parents should be parents. I do understand that parents need to work, but make arrangements with another Mom/Dad that is actually going to the pool with their kids, this way parents will know their kids are with a responsible adult. It's ultimately the parents responsibility to see that their kids will be safe! There are numerous programs available for kids ages 8-12 during the summertime.

The Parks and Recreation is a great place to start, as they are always looking for tweens to help out with activities..But, again it takes a parent to show the child how to register for this, get them signed up, and get them involved, Our youngest son volunteered through our local Parks and Recreation Program during those tween/younger teen years and loved it!

Summertime is a fun time of the year..Make it safe and be a smart parent....Do the best that you can! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Great post (I shared it on Facebook)! I am like you, an avid swimmer (I actually had lifeguard training in my younger years) and now with little kids (10,8,5) I didn't know some people DID just drop their kids off at pools... so... hmmmmm... good to know! I'll be with you and keep my eye out for them and keep them company.

    Thx for sharing!
    Sue Ellen


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