Friday, July 22, 2011

Urban Spoon...Here We Come!

OK~ I was blessed to meet so many awesome women while attending Bloggy Conference in Mason, Ohio. I have had one full week for everything to really sink in! Wow....What an amazing experience! I was so overwhelmed by the generosity of all the attendees and the conference organizers, I'm still reeling it all in.  Oh, and the Great Wolf Lodge, a truly amazing place...Indoor water park~ Speaking of this indoor water park, I personally did not experience it, but my friend Jennie @nuckingfutsmama did~ Check it out!

 and this amazing little kids casino looked to mesmerize the parents as well as the kiddos!

The speakers were inspirational, funny, and informative! The sessions that were held, were a great mix, as there was something for everyone. But you know, I came to realize that I need to get out more! Three other conference goers and myself were in a car headed to a restaurant for supper.

Someone mentioned the words Urban Spoon and three of us, yes, three of us in the car said, "Yeah, that sounds good!" Woooahhhh..............What a hoot! The Urban Spoon is an app for your phone. Well, living in rural America, I can say that I do know where the restaurants are and the fact that I'm complaining when there are five people at a four way stop light told me that this type of app would make sense. We drove in lots and lots of traffic...and were surrounded by an array of restaurants within a five block area. I'd guess that in that five block area, there were as many restaurants there that are in my local town.

Hey, I was feeling good~ I was in a city and had tons of choices!
                                         This photo is courtesy of 2sistersandablog

I was so blessed to have connected with so many amazing women at this conference, but I must introduce you to City Chic On a Farm, as she had faith in me, and said, "Yeah, we'd love for you to come speak and share your story at Bloggy Conference!" And one of my amazing inspirational woman...Lucinda Cross.....

This woman is a prayer warrior, an encourager, a caring Mom, and most of all she became a wonderful friend during this conference! It's too bad Kings Island missed out on some publicity, but we rolled with it...I think we both agreed, a 24/7 custodian was needed in those bathrooms on the property at Kings Island.

The really, really cool thing about all of this. All because of Social Media and two women who had a dream to have this great gathering of women, Sherry Martz and Tiffany Noth; my life was enriched! It was wonderful to see so many women gathered in an area...laughing, sharing, and realizing, "Hey, you! You look like your Twitter Photo!" How cool is that? I had the time of my life and I am so thankful for the opportunity of a lifetime...So, now...When is Bloggy Conference 2012~ I am SO There! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Aw Sara how sweet!! It was a pleasure meeting you too and thanks for all the tips on raising sons. I'm so glad you had a good time and more importantly got to and fro safely. Looking foward to seeing you again next year!


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