Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Accepting Kids For Who They Are

OK~ This Mom is really struggling with how our schools do not accept kids for who they are and what their abilities are. I am so ready for the next two years to be over with,.....My family and I have worked very hard, alongside the support of our school district, to get our son to the level of success that he achieved last school year.

With a new school year approaching, I am concerned that many kids won't be able to experience the things they enjoy about school. From Foreign Languages, to the Industrial Technology Classes- these opportunities can make the difference if a teen stays in school or not. Not many are going to enjoy writing, reading, and math throughout the WHOLE school day!

So, this Mom is asking all of these legislative people, "Is it more effective to have teachers struggling to engage kids in classes they do not enjoy or is it more effective for the kids to be working in a class they have an interest in?" Now, I am not a teacher, but I can tell you that once a child is 16 1/2 years old, you are probably not going to change how their brains work and how they learn. Some of us are auditory learners and others are visual learners.

I don't blame the teachers, I blame our policies. Sure, I want kids to know how to read. But, I don't expect all kids to read at the same level OR be an "A" student in every class. This Mom has worked hard to get her son where he is today. It has been through the support of his teachers and staying on top of things as a parent.

Teaching is about building relationships and motivating kids~ I pray for my son's teachers this school year, as they will need the prayers to keep our son interested in getting up for school each day.  Look back at your Junior year in high school~ Did you have more elective classes or more chosen classes for you?  I wonder how many parents are clueless that this is happening to their kids...Parents, speak with your child's Principal, demand that your children get what they deserve! This Mom is not giving up, but she knows there are laws to follow....and she does not LIKE them!

We, as a nation, must move beyond this statement that all children must function at such and such a level~ It's time to move on and put our kids first! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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