Monday, August 1, 2011

Fishing With The Boys.....

OK~ Here we are...Fishing in Northern Minnesota...My view as I write this blog post! The boys are out fishing and going to bring us lunch~ We shall see! Oh yeah, I ventured out yesterday...Here's a little recap of the adventure....

We only hooked ONE dock!
We did not hook any trees!
We hooked our fair share of rocks!
And somehow, I managed to let my reel out while the boat was flying out on the lake. It was not until hubby realized there was a flying minnow in his face, that he realized my pole had malfunctioned. After All, I would have never released the reel while the boat was cruising, right?
And to catch a fish...Two were caught yesterday. Garrett was more than proud to carry his catch of the day, a Northerner to the fish cleaning station,....Now, the older two guys of the crew....they, for some reason won't carry a fish to the fish cleaning station unless it is big enough! I'm still waiting to see this big enough fish.

So, for now, our 16 year old is more than happy to carry any legal fish that is caught to the fish cleaning station and mighty proud! Must be a guy thing...I don't get it!  Oh yeah...and this thing called trolling...I've decided that trolling is something that fisherman like to do so they can return from their fishing trips and talk about trolling and fishing....This Mom just doesn't get that part of fishing....Maybe after a few more days of hanging by this beautiful lake, I will come to realize the importance of trolling and fishing!

For now, I will sit back and listen to Todd tell Garrett, "Catch those fish....We need supper!"  Thank God we are not living off of the land or lake right now...we'd be starving!
After All, It''s All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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