Friday, August 26, 2011

Focus on What You Can Do~ Not What You Can't

OK~While sitting in the Dr. office yesterday, I overheard this conversation

Lady #1:  I sure hope I need more medicine.

Lady #2:  Me too.  I think medicine cures everything.

Lady #1:  I know I need more. I can't do anything.

Lady #2:  Me either. I can't do anything anymore

At this point, thankfully, my name was called. Now, I have been there...It's very easy to feel sorry for yourself and think medicine cures everything! I've said it before, "When it comes to your health, a lot of it is about attitude and how YOU tackle your mental game!" That means, you sometimes need to reach for your faith and step out of  your comfort zone. I understand that medicine is a necessity for many; but when you, as a person, are not taking any steps to try to get better, this saddens me. Life is too short to live on the pity train! Get out, enjoy life~ Make the best of it!

Even if you think you can't do anything~ Find something you can do. Take up a new hobby if you need to.  If you are not physically able to do the things that you used to do, find something new. Take up bird watching (hey, I used to think this activity was for really, really old people), read, write, do cross word puzzles, become the organizer for your children's/grandchildren's activities, or even play Angry Birds! If you find yourself on the pity train~ Hop off of it and enjoy life! Reach out to the positive people in your life, as they can help dig you out of the trenches!

Make the most of each day~ your family will thank you, including your kiddos! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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