Sunday, August 14, 2011

What? No Recess....

OK~ You have got to be kidding this Mom. I am reading national news stories, and various tweets about the small amount of recess time that many kiddos will be getting during this school year. 15 Min., once a day for a 6 year old. Are you serious? As a Mom to two boys, I can tell you that this Mom would have been on the speed dial of the Elementary Principal if a policy like this had been in place when my boys were 6 years old! What happened to kids being allowed to "play?"

Have we, as a society, become so over protective that we don't even want our kids to swing, play on the monkey bars, or play a little hop-scotch? Well, this Mom thinks hop-scotch still should exist, if it does or doesn't! Or, is it that we "think" that by keeping our kids' eyeballs pressed to the books the whole school day, our kids will perform better? I'm perplexed...thankful that my youngest will be a Junior in High School, and I am seeing daylight at the end of the tunnel.

This Mom believes that we, as parents, need to fight for our kids....Demand that our schools let our kids be kids! I'm encouraging you to get involved in your school. Become a PTO/PTA member, or at least attend A meeting! Parents, your voice counts....This recess thing just bothers me- If you are a parent to a youngster, I'd be checking into this.....If this is going on at your school~ be an advocate for your child~ When you were 6, would you like not having recess, or 15 min. (if you are lucky) once a day?

My rant for the day.....After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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