Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Still Summer~ How To Keep Your Body In Check

OK~ My body has been tested in several ways this week~ Gotta love that good old Iowa weather. Tuesday, it was pushing 60 degrees, I was outside all day ~ in the rain! I ended up looking like a drowned rat. I was scoring at a National Trap Shooting Meet~ yep, we do have those in  Iowa~ The Heartland Grand.

I saw many awesome shooters, met some grumpy shooters, and helped my son's high school trapshooting team raise some money. Now, on to today....It's two days later and when I hopped in my car, it said 95 degrees~ Now, that is not with all of the humidity in the air! So, how does one stay cool near the end of August in Iowa.

  1. Keep those tank tops out~ The stores have been saying sweater weather for six weeks, but it's really not here yet!
  2. Drink, drink, drink lots of water~ It really does keep a headache at bay!
  3. Pray for a breezy day~ Yep, the breeze today kept things a little better while basking on that scoring chair in the blazing sun!
And these high school kids~ they just roll with it! Heat, sweat, and muck~ they stepped up to the plate and made it through the day. This group of teens rolled with the heat better than us whiny adults!

So, the weather man says 70's for the week-end. But you know what, I'm still keeping my tips on how to stay cool close at hand. In Iowa, as many other states, it's best to look outside for the weather report, as it is usually more accurate than those computer generated reports!  After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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