Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Week-end Is Here...

OK~ Labor Day Week-end is upon us....Are you working, taking it easy...What are you up to? I can remember when I was growing up and Labor Day Week-end on Sunday mornings was something I looked forward to. Our minister always recommended that we wear our "work" clothes to church on Sunday Morning. And, when I was younger, we always had to wear dress clothes to church~ that meant a dress, tights, etc.....Not what is acceptable today...Only on the Sunday of Labor Day Week-end did we see pants, jeans (farm families loved this), and maybe even a pair of work boots for fun.

We are now a much more casual society, and I'm not really sure how Labor Day falls into the lives of all of us today. Our family has been spending the past 6 days and 1 more at National Trapshooting Meet at the Stockdale Gun Club, near Ackley, Iowa~ So, we are working, raising money for Garrett's high school trapshooting team! And, of course, my husband has to work tomorrow- Labor Day- how appropriate! Garrett and I will be scoring and loading traps for many awesome trapshooters AND Todd will be heading to his "job."And, of course, our 20 year old son will be working too!

So, what are you up to on this holiday week-end? It's truly a labor filled one at the Broers household!  A fairly normal day for us......After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. I guess you are a busy lady this labor day weekend. Sounds like a good time other than all the working! Hope you are raising lots of money for his schools team. Church these days around here nobody really dresses up anymore. I remember being small and always getting a dress on and my cute dress shoes. We don't see that anymore. Enjoy your Monday!


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