Thursday, September 29, 2011

Home Remodeling Project- Fall Contest Entry

OK~ Home remodeling projects are always very interesting. One of them that I love to share with others is my laminate countertop. We had an older countertop ~ Here's a glimpse of all I care to remember about it.

For a relatively small amount of money, we were able to transform our kitchen countertop to this....

Home remodeling projects always test my patience, as I am not a patient person. But in this particular case, I am glad that I found some patience. Within a matter of days, around four~ we had a new countertop. We do not have much countertop space, so the actual countertop materials were not very expensive. For under $300.00, since we are DIY project people, this was possible. In all reality, I should say my husband is a DIY project person, not me!  He has the patience and the skills to get this type of project done, I simply do NOT!

I am glancing through the large selection of laminate flooring over at Bestlaminate, and I can tell you there are several floors that I think would look very nice in my kitchen. Mannington Laminate flooring in the Restoration Historic Oak looks like it would compliment my kitchen countertop nicely. We currently have a light oak laminate floor in this kitchen, and I really feel that a darker shade would compliment the cabinetry and the laminate countertop. And I do realize, that I simply cannot have everything at once!

The beauty of my new kitchen countertop is that it is affordable and it literally transformed my kitchen. My kitchen now has a warm and inviting atmosphere. Before it was cold and it looked ancient. It's interesting how times change and it's also amazing to me that the old countertop was in as good shape as it was...We did the math- it had to be more than 30 years old. So, are we taking bets?  Any doubt that this new countertop will last another 30+ years? Well...this Mom is just gonna kick back, continue to enjoy her new laminate countertop and take it all in. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right? 

*I did not receive any product or monetary compensation for this post.  I did post this Fall Contest Entry over on Bestlaminate Flooring's Facebook Page.

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  1. Sara - You sound just like me! :) (Maybe that's why we have the same name?! LOL!) I have no patience for projects either, but my husband is awesome with them. I LOVE your new counter! Good luck with the contest!


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