Friday, October 28, 2011

Books- Past, Present And Future

OK~We've all got books laying around! How do you keep all of those books under control? I will say that I have really appreciated my Nook. I no longer have that tall pile of books next to my bed. I honestly thought I would miss the feel of paper in my hands, but that is not the case. I like having my Nook loaded up and ready to go at anytime.

I'm not so sure that I like the thought of books being non-existant. I think of the jobs that are lost and the feel of an actual book in my hands. I still like to be able to pick up a book and read it. But, in the grand scheme of things, many books are sure to go by the wayside.

We have became a society full of abundant technology, which I have learned to embrace. Our 16 year old son, has never really enjoyed reading- until now. His 11th Grade English class was fortunate to have two teachers that went out to community organizations presenting the students needs for Kindles to the organizations. And you know what? We are blessed....His class has a Kindle for each student. The Kindle stays in the classroom and he enjoys reading now. So, I have to say technology has been a blessing to this family when it comes to a 16 year old boy and reading.

What's your thoughts on books? Do you think we will see fewer actual books laying around? This Mom will keep her eye on those books- maybe through the eyes of her Nook. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I love this post! The internet is definitely redefining the word "community." At first, I too "wondered if it was a phrase we were all running with." But when I started seeing pictures of friends' weddings and pregnancies on Facebook, I realized that this stuff is really...real! And now I love that I can connect with old friends so easily (though I still enjoy penning the occasional letter).

    If you have time to "pass through" yet another community, your perspectives would really be appreciated at

    The blog is a place for Iowa women to talk about health, specifically why they choose to get mammograms or not. Researchers are trying to figure out why 1 in 4 Iowa women haven't gotten screened for breast cancer in the past two years. You're so articulate--maybe you could shed some insight, at least from a personal standpoint, about the health care decisions Iowa women are making.

    Thank you, and please keep sharing anecdotes with the interweb!!


  2. loving this... totally agree...Id like to think we are a family that embraces BOTH options! I just may expound upon this thought process on my blog.. I will add your blog in the post!


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