Thursday, October 13, 2011

Closed........A Typical Sign When Traveling in October

OK~ Traveling in the Mid-West in October is an adventure. The Fall colors are everywhere, and traffic is not a problem. The +'s definitely outweighed the -'s on our latest little get-a-way to Door County in Wisconsin. There were obviously not too many screaming kids, although; there were a few here and there. You know, I really don't wish to go back to those days!

We enjoy lighthouses, as they are not something we see very often in Iowa. So, we decided that we would check out the Sherwood Point Light House located near Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. After meandering through the countryside, with less than well marked roads...We arrived at our destination to find this!

No Trespassing....Now, this might as well said, "CLOSED." We saw those words a lot during the time we traveled through Door County. It would be nice if the Wisconsin Tourism Department listed this in their travel information. Maybe we just picked up an "old" pamphlet at the visitor center when we crossed into Wisconsin. We were able to pick up a 2010 road map, so maybe this was just recently closed, as well. On the + side, we could take a pic!

If we would have known that this was not a site that tourists or visitors were welcomed at, we would not have meandered through the country side to find this. We should have known, when the sign off the main road was a painted, white, wooden arrow, nailed to a tree that said "Lighthouse." Usually places that are welcoming to visitors have clear directions, etc.....

Oh well, I can say that I visited the Sherwood Point Lighthouse. It looks interesting from the small parking area. It also looks like it is somewhat maintained. Lesson learned- it's probably a good idea to check with the local visitor center of the community you are visiting before you venture to a site.

The Fall colors were beautiful on Washington Island and Door County itself was beautiful. No traffic and the fact that there were no lines anywhere was just what this Mom needed! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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