Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Day of Not Thinking

OK~ Seriously, as a Mom~ How often do you have days where you don't have to think?  Today was the day for me. Yeah, I did think about my kids, but Todd & I had a really fun day today. We were under NO schedule. We did not have to be anywhere at any specific time. Everything was on OUR time!

Our morning started out wonderful.....With the recommendation of a local, we hit the Old Post Office Restaurant in Euphraim in Door County, Wisconsin. The food was very good...Here's my plate...

And the view....Now this Iowa Mom really, really appreciates this view at the breakfast table!

The water is clear, the skies were beautiful, and we have been in heaven here in Door County! Our day continued....We drove to the northern most tip of Door County and boarded the ferry to Washington Island....

We managed to pull up to the boarding area five minutes before it left~ perfect timing! The views from the deck were awesome. The Fall Foliage actually got brighter and more colorful the further North we got. Washington Island had the most colorful leaves of this fun, little journey we have had.

Washington Island~ We made it, on our time!
The view from The Tower on Washington Island.....Colorful, Beautiful!  Our day was relaxing, fun, and so enjoyable. And the beauty of today....This Mom did not have to think! How refreshing....I must say- If you have not tried a day without thinking, try it~ you won't regret it! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I agree! A day without thinking everyone must try that once a month lol :)


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