Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Family Dinner.....

OK~ We all know that life gets crazy and busy. Is the family dinner a thing of the past? I'm wondering....I hear and read of many parents that prepare special foods for their kids and they eat something else. Now that my boys are 16 and 20, they can pretty much make up their own decisions when it comes to meal times. If we are all home and dinner is on the table....we sit down together and eat.

My boys have rejected the plate in front of them a time or two over the years AND this Mom has not been afraid to direct them towards the jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread. I am guessing that in the year 2011, this would be frowned upon. My boys have never had food allergies and if they did, this Mom was oblivious to them.

My question for you~ Curiosity is getting the best of me. When you have a meal for the whole everyone expected to eat the same thing or do some family members eat different foods? I am all about simplicity, therefore; it perplexes me that many families opt for preparing special foods for their kids. Maybe it just so happens that I read a little too much and this should not even be something I'm writing about...Oh well......I'll keep fixing what I choose, as most of you know, I am NOT a good cook....After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I don't have any kids Sara but I do know that my sisters have always made different things for her kids because of the schedules they have with their husbands. I tell my sister she is nuts all the time cooking for her and my mom, Then the kids get out of school creating another cooking session. Then finally a cooking session for her hubby. I tell her all the time she is always cooking for someone. I think it's nuts but I probably would do the same thing if I had kids lol But if I cooked a meal for everyone at home and my kids didn't want it when it came time to eat I would also say go have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich :)

  2. Lisa....Your sister needs a break from the cooking - LOL! I try to cook- sometimes it's good and other times our furry outdoor friends enjoy a meal! I refuse to run a restaurant in my kitchen! Oh yeah..and my hubby has always had a crazy work schedule, but the meal is the same for everyone- it may have to be reheated....but like I said, I won't run a restaurant in my kitchen for my family!


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