Sunday, October 9, 2011

Farming In Iowa

OK~ A farm girl at heart, that's what I am!  Today I experienced my annual ride in the combine with my brother~ Woo Hoo!  

If you really look closely, this picture shows a lot of what is going on out in the field. From the view in the combine, to a tractor/wagon and then the semi in the rear view mirror...Lots going on...
Here's the view from the cab. Remember all of that green we had in Iowa a couple months ago. Well, once Fall rolls around, we get a lot of this!

And yes, here you can see how dry it really is! We are currently under a burn ban. This corn is very dry..going straight from the field to the bin. An unusual year, as of right now, there is not any corn to dry. 

 Here's three guys making sure everything is working....Gotta love it!

And then there is this guy, my youngest nephew....All five years of him! He loves riding with his Dad in the combine and is enjoying what we all love about the family farm. Fun, Food, Family, and a love of the outdoors! You toss all of these together and you get an Iowa Farm Family! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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