Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween In The Simple Times

OK~ I'm cruising through the store the other really just seems like the 4th of July Decorations were out on display. Now the Halloween costumes and candy...did I say candy? There is candy everywhere in the stores! Now, growing up I was fortunate enough to have a mask for a Halloween Costume. My brother, sister and I really never understood the concept of wearing face paint, or sporting an elaborate costume on Halloween Night. Living in the country, we did NOT go door to door Trick or Treating. Our parents took us to the neighbors home, a little under a mile down the road and to both of our Grandmother's homes. One was next door and the other was about 30 miles away. That was it.....

It took us many years to comprehend the stories that our classmates had of pillow cases full of candy. I don't feel that we led a sheltered life, as we did not feel like we missed out on a whole lot. Although, we did think a pillow case full of candy was pretty cool! And I am sure a lot of these kids were a dentist's dream!

Fast forward several years.....My boys did not have so called elaborate costumes. We did buy them costumes ( The Batman Costume we purchased was worn for more than 8 years between the two boys) and we did take them to more homes than we visited as kids. And NO, they did not carry a pillowcase! They each carried a little pumpkin bucket AND when and if - the bucket was full- it was time to go home!

Halloween seemed a lot more simple back then- I know, my age is showing. But in all honesty, can families afford all that our society expects out of Halloween in today's economic times? The decorations are not cheap, the candy is not cheap, and the could spend an arm and a leg if you wanted too! I hope many families opt for the simple costumes, enjoy the Halloween Season and set limits when it comes to all of that candy!

Halloween 2011- Make it Simple! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Halloween is getting so big nowadays and the bigger it gets the more expensive the decorations are lol I used to trick or treat thru the whole neighborhood with a pillowcase and home made costumes which I think were the best. Well Sara after Christmas they will start getting out all the Valentine stuff. So commercial that they start months ahead of time now.


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