Monday, October 24, 2011

Naming Farm Kittens- It's Not An Easy Task!

OK~ What is wrong with this picture? Our kittens now have names- Cartman, Butters, Stan, Kyle & Kenny. Well, I must confess~ Kenny is no longer with us~ I'm just going to state that my car tire met up with him and I have no further comment on Kenny. When farm kittens are born the first part of August in Iowa, these warm days in October are a blessing to them. Here's three of the four that are left.

Naming these kittens was just not happening~ I'm thinking that my 16 year old has watched a few too many Southpark shows. When my boys (hubby included) told me the names of the kittens, I asked, "Who?" Well, it's rather obvious who does NOT get into Southpark at this house. Maybe it's best that I don't watch.....These farm cats are wonderful when it comes to catching those pesky mice~ and yes, it is that season~AGAIN! Lucky for Cartman, Butters, Stan & Kyle~we have been blessed with warm weather the past few days! Next time..this Mom is naming new kittens as soon as possible....After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. OH! That chubby gray one is so CUTE!!! I think you should name them after super-heroes, because they trap the "bad guys" (mice)! ;)

  2. They are so cute!!! Sorry about the 4th one :( Let's hope these 3 stay warm and catch all the mice!


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