Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Wild Thursday....

OK~ It's wild here in North Iowa today. The winds are blowing and it is very dry in our area. We even have a Red Flag Warning, yes, In Iowa - rare in this part of the country. This Mom is not going to get too stressed out...BUT.....our community needs prayers.  The day starts out with Event #1-

Garrett misses the bus...Not a huge deal- As he and I were having a conversation and he missed it....

Event #2-
16 year old son arrives at school...Long line because back packs/purses/bags are all to be checked, due to graffiti of a threatening nature in a boys bathroom yesterday.

Event #3-

Three juveniles are arrested and charged with multiple accounts of arson- starting a field fire near many buildings, including a nursing home. Yes, you are reading this correct..this is during school hours. All about four miles North of where we live. I am not sure of how serious our community is taking the issue, as it is fresh. Now, being a farm girl...I get it~ Corn prices are very good right now...Who will pay to replace this crop that this farmer has now lost? A crop of corn, is a farmer's life! This incident just breaks my heart...Nobody will win!

So....we pray for peace AND for a sense of pride to be restored within our community...As a Mom, I seriously thought Event#1 was reason enough to recall a do over to today..But, in the grand scheme of today's events......Event #1, reminded me of how I should seriously not worry about a little bump in the road! Event #2 And Event #3 would be reason to request a do-over.

I guess today was one of those days...God's little reminder that there is no reason to get stressed out over the little detours in our lives, as there is always a bigger one, and unfortunately, I did not have to travel far to find those bigger events today~ it was all within my own community. What a Wild Thursday.....After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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