Monday, November 7, 2011


OK~ Teens know how to drive their parents nuts, as well as literally drive them crazy. But, like it or not.....teens do drive! Yep,  here in Iowa they drive cars, tractors, trucks, and atv's. Our boys have been very different in the fact that our oldest one could not wait to get his driver's license, and our youngest one has had to be prodded along.

I truly believe that teens will want to drive in their own time and on their own schedule. But, there does come a time when it's time for parents to intervene. Yup, that's what's happened at this house. We had to get the ball rolling in regards to him obtaining his driver's permit. And now that he's been 16 for six months, it is time to take Driver's Education Classes.

It's so different this time around. Our oldest son could not wait to get behind the wheel and Garrett, he's just so carefree and not a care in the world about it. He knows that just because he completes the class and has his driver's license he does not have to drive all the time. Wow- What a change! I always thought that all boys couldn't wait to get their driver's licenses-I must admit, it's kind of a welcoming change.

In time....Our kids grow up and become their own selves. And it seriously happens in the blink of an eye! So, for now, this Mom is happy that her 16 year old son (baby) is taking the serious approach to driving and enjoying the ride! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

P.S. His turns are a little interesting!

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