Saturday, November 5, 2011

News, Gadgets, and The Like...How They Are A Changing

OK~ It was just a few years ago when 99.9% of us had house phones and maybe a cell phone to travel with for emergency use. And fast forward to today....Many of us no longer talk on a house phone, as we use our cell phones for everything~ even to read the news!

Now today we see "Like Us On Facebook.......Follow Us On Twitter! Again, time has evolved. Many people use Facebook to get the days news, find out about a business- Facebook is literally ONE huge massive book of Yellow Pages! I am happy to say that I consider Facebook and Twitter to not only be a great way to stay connected with others, but it's a GREAT book of yellow pages! I am not a patient person...I can click and see what a business has to offer in a matter of seconds~ I like that!

My age is showing. I can remember the days of a typewriter (an actual typewriter with a ribbon) with several sheets of white paper, with carbon in between them (Can you still buy that stuff?) and after a matter of NOT making an error (Spellcheck is unheard of) a person may have had a nice looking group of papers to pass out to someone. I can't wait for the day in rural America when we will have high speed internet, as that will really make my job nice!

Just today- My Mom and I were talking about how we had heard about a local town having a week-end of Welcome To The Holidays in their shops. We ventured to this Iowa town, as we had seen all about it on Facebook! It's not just young teens using Facebook...It's a place of updated news ( locally and nationally) and a place to stay connected. One has to think, "Where will we be in 10 more years?" It kind of scares me, but I will roll right along with it! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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