Sunday, November 6, 2011


OK~ It's all about perspective. Here in Iowa, we will have loads of white, fluffy, sloppy snow to tromp around in this coming Winter. In Florida, people will possibly endure 30 something degree temps and rain. I've always wondered if people in the so called warmer climates change their wardrobes during Winter.

I am learning...they do! Having lived in Iowa all of my life...when I think of sweaters- I see wind, cold, snow, and boots! I guess I need to get out more...I learned this past week that people in the so called warmer climates do wear boots and sweaters. It seems kind of strange to this Iowa Mom that snow boots would need to be worn in these warmer climates- but, I get it...It's about fashion and making sure to keep those feet warm!

Well- it's all about perspective! In this Mom's eyes...Winter is 0 degrees with 30 below wind chills and lots of snow! And yes, I buy snow boots to keep my feet warm and dry! Maybe, just maybe someday I will be able to buy a pair of snow boots strictly for fashion. But, for now...It's all about perspective- I will endure Winter and pray that I can "retire" to the South someday! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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