Sunday, November 20, 2011

So....How Is That Energy Drink?

OK~ I'm not a big supporter of all of these energy drinks that have entered the market place in the past few years. Maybe if they would have came on the scene when I was a teen, I may think a little different. Garrett and I are in Menards (yes, Menards- the lumber store) and there is a cooler full of energy drinks at the check-out.

Garrett:  "Mom- Can I have one of those?"

Me:  Thinking (Ummmmmm- wired kid, but he is 16 1/2 so all should be well) and then I say, "Sure!"

We then proceed through the check-out and head to the car. We get in the car and Garrett opens his drink in a black can. Our conversation then goes like this....

Garrett: "This tastes weird." (I am thinking, this is a good thing!)

Me: I then smell the top of the can and say, "Does it taste like chalk?"

Garrett: "How am I supposed to know what chalk tastes like? And furthermore, Mom- How would YOU KNOW WHAT chalk tastes like?"

I had no further comment! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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