Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Arrival Of The Christmas Tree

OK~ My Christmas Tree has risen-Well...sort of!

My tree moved out of the basement to here. We have a little issue with the tree stand. Our basement seems to have been a little too wet.....So, we will see how that comes out. In the meantime I'm thinking back to the days of a "real" tree. I must admit- I do not miss the vacuuming of pine needles for months after trying to toss the "tired" tree out of the house on December 29th or so! It was always a very stressful time at our house. The tree never fit through the door like it should, one of the boys always stepped on a pine needle, and the memories were never very pleasant!

So...we opted for a "fake" tree. But you know what, I do like my "fake" tree. It's usually very easy to put together and we are not stepping on pine needles for the next six months. And I really miss the days of being able to carry the tree up from the basement to the upstairs. Oh goes on! In due time our family Christmas tree will be up for 2011!  But int he meantime, I'm thinking of stringing lights out to this little tree- Your thoughts?

Kind of a cute little tree in the front yard.....And Old Man Winter looks to be here to stay! You gotta love Winter in Iowa! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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