Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Five Positive Ways Facebook Can Impact Your Life

OK~ I've been observing Facebook really, really close the past couple weeks. And you know, I know there are many people now on there that have said, "I'm not gonna have a Facebook Account!" And you know what? They now have a Facebook page......And here's 5 great things that have happened during this time!

  1. A question was asked as to where to find a local listing of the Christmas Eve Services in our community. Within a few moments, a web page was suggested, as well as several invitations to attend Christmas Eve Services. 
  2. A new Mom was searching for a new way to soothe her cranky baby.....Voila- Within moments, several posts and an hour later...a post from the new Mom- "Baby is sleeping peacefully, thank you Facebook Friends!"
  3. A friend had several hams and turkeys he wanted to share for Christmas. A post on Facebook and he was connected with families that would enjoy these!
  4. A Mom was looking for a Leap Pad for her daughter for Christmas. She wondered where to find one in our community.....A few minutes later she knew where to go. Saving her a lot of time, with two young girls in tow!
  5. A Grandma was wondering what on earth to get her six year old grand daughter for Christmas. Well, within a few minutes she had a great list of ideas- all thanks to Facebook!
You may ask- "What does this mean? " Well, we now have a Grandma that now knows what six year old little girls want for Christmas, a little girl that will enjoy a Leap Pad, several families that will enjoy meat this Christmas, a content new Mom with her baby, and a family that will be enjoying Christmas Eve services - Thanks to Facebook!

Facebook continues to be a connector for many, and I must say that I have loved the connections that I have made through Facebook. The reconnecting with classmates has been a lot of fun, as well as the ability to connect with so many new people. And I know that if Facebook did not exist, I would not have met a lot of these inspirational people. 2011 is wrapping up and I know that Facebook has had a huge impact on my life this past year, and you? Has Facebook been a connector for you? And yes, my soon to be 21 year old son still refuses to Friend me, but my 16 year old son (Bless his Heart) still continues to Friend me! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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