Friday, December 2, 2011

My 4-H Days

OK~ We did some re-organizing and rearranging today in the house. Having been married almost 25 years, we have STUFF....Lots of stuff!  Garrett was helping Todd carry a box of "stuff" to the basement and Garrett says, "What is in here?"  Todd replied, "Stuff!" Garrett says, "Why are we keeping it?" Todd replied , "This is the stop before it heads out the door (meaning 25 more years in a box in the basement)."

And we even found our 4-H record books. I also found some 4-H awards and thought I'd share. I spent a lot of years and hours on many 4-H projects!

And here we go....This was my first official year- 1977. Due to the fact that the club was getting ready to disband, myself and two other girls were allowed to join in 3rd grade. Our first year we were not required to keep record books, we were associate members. So I guess---this is what I was thinking in 4th Grade in 1977!
After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. OMG talk about bringing back memories. Somewhere I have a book like that in storage, and lots of ribbons, and a trophy for showmanship showing my dairy cow. How cool! Thanks for sharing! OH and I did learn how to sew a wrap around skirt and even wore it in the 4-H fashion show during our fair! I guess they were the thing @ACSKay

  2. This made me smile--thanks for sharing!


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