Friday, December 30, 2011

Once a Mom...Always Recognized As a Mom

OK~ I'm visiting a local convenience store. The gal at the check-out says, "Aren't you Blaine's Mom?" I respond, "Yes, I am." She then says, "I've known Blaine since he was five." Within two minutes, I now know that this young lady is going to go back to school when she has enough money, works full time, and is glad to have known my son for so many years.

I'm thinking...Wow- I recall when Blaine was two (he'll be 21 in about a month) and I was in a local store. Two kids hollered at me, "Hey, there's Blaine's Mom!" More than 15 years later...I'm still hearing that where ever I go! Yes, I do have a name, but that's irrelevant when you become a Mom. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. I am positive that at My son's daycare they have no clue what my name is. I too am Evan's mom. That's how they always refer to me. It was kind of annoying at first, after all, I'm the one writing out the checks each week =) I got over it though because I realized that they are much more focused on my child that caring what to call me. I guess I will be dealing with it forever!

  2. this happens quite a bit to me I am mom of 6 and often more known as the mom of ... rather than by name
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