Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three Signs That Christmas Has Come and Gone

OK~ We all had a joyous Christmas at our house..The laughter, love, and fun was really one for the memory books! I've reflected and I know that Christmas is over...

1) My Christmas tree is really bare...There are no packages underneath it. Must be time to pack it away until next year!

2) The Christmas music has left the air waves....But never fear the iPod is loaded for the gym- Christmas Carols can still be played!

3) People are rude! Now, I do understand that the days between Christmas and New Years can be stressful. But seriously, it is NOT ok to demand to move to the front of the line just because you have a return!

I seriously wish people could be nice all year long- there's something about a sense of calm that comes over people on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Why can't we be that way all year long? Christmas is NOT about the's all about the birth of baby that we know as Baby Jesus. So, the next time you think it is OK to push your way into a line- think of the Star In The East and the love that came about on that beautiful Christmas Eve.............

And you know what- This is what I love about Christmas- Family is just AWESOME! My sister hosted- We played our annual Bingo game- and the prizes were just as lovely as usual! My Dad was lucky enough to receive the bra clips that had been given to someone the year before- I do wonder where they will end up next year? And then we had a Kinect Tournament- How fun is that? For those of you that are wondering- My nephew who is 5 and me competed against each other- The sensor recognized both of us just fine!

My family and I are truly blessed......Until the calendar says Merry Christmas in 2012......We are moving on to 2012! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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