Monday, December 26, 2011

What? It's JUST December 26th!

OK~ It's seriously the day after Christmas and the stores are really not that busy. Although, I did not find myself in a return or exchange area- that may be the difference. We began our hunt for a new vacuum cleaner, as the one we have is 9 years old and no longer moves properly...So, off to town we go!

It's about lunch time....We are eyeing one of our favorite restaurants- it looks to be crowded (unusual for Monday 12:30 p.m.). But, I must remember this is no ordinary Monday- this is December 26th!  So, we decide to shop before we eat.

We do not find our vacuum cleaner of choice (one that will last another 9 years at store #1)!  We then cruise back by restaurant #1- the parking lot is STILL packed. So, on to restaurant #2 we go- Parking lot is SWAMPED.

On to store #2- We find a "few" vacuum cleaners. Although, the one that was priced $30.00 less at store #1- is at store #2 and is NOW appealing...So- back to store #1- We purchase the first vacuum cleaner we originally spotted.  And since we still in the vicinity of restaurant #1- we check out the parking lot- packed!  So.....on to restaurant #2- still crowded- We are thinking- it's now 1:45 p.m. - shouldn't restaurants clear out by then.......We now have the craving for hamburgers....So- we decide to head to Perkins- they have pretty good burgers!

We venture in to Perkins (restaurant #3)- parking lot is not crowded (red flag)- We are seated, handed menus and asked for our drink orders......A few minutes later- our drinks are delivered.....Our waitress (who was doing her job) says, "We are out of steak, hamburgers, turkey, sandwiches, etc"....Now remember- we were headed here because we now wanted burgers! Talk about horrible customer service- Would somebody please tell me why the waitress would not tell us they are basically out of everything due to Christmas BEFORE she gets our drink order?  So, by now we have all three taken a sip of pop- I am no longer in the mood to eat at Perkins..............Todd and Garrett get up and I follow. I was unable to locate our waitress to let her know we were leaving, so I handed the store manager our menus and said we would be dining elsewhere...No questions asked!

We get in the truck...Garrett says, "Wow...Talk about a drink and dash!" I'm thinking- #FAIL!!!!!  This is not good- but, on the other hand I hope he saw what happens when customers are not given the service they deserve. I honestly don't think we were asking for too much!

Back we go to restaurant #2 (Are you confused by now?  I know I still am!). We find a parking place, walk in the door and we are asked for our last name. I say, "How long will that be?"  She slowly says, "Ummmm- 5 minutes!" I said, "No thank you, we aren't going to mess around with it!" Our past experience has shown us that when dining in restaurant #2 if you cannot be seated at the door, your service will be very SLOW!

So off to restaurant #4 we go- McDonalds!  Who would have thought that hours later, we no longer want hamburgers- So..we order McRibs and Chicken Nuggets- The All American Day After Christmas Meal!  Note to Self:  DO NOT GO OUT TO EAT THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS NEXT YEAR! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Ah Sara what a day in the life of so many of us. When there are so many people out I think to myself doesn't anybody work anymore or when I just need to pick up a few things why can't they just go home so I can get my stuff and leave. But then I realize if I just go at 2:30 am then I have no problem getting my stuff just have to expose my eyes to things that they aren't use to seeing, like weird combinations of clothing or exposed cracks in thy behinds, etc.


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