Thursday, December 8, 2011

Your Kids + Sickness +School Attendance = Miserable Kid

OK~ My twitter feed was kind of crazy this morning with tweets about kids being sick and parents needing to send them to school. I will admit, I am a "strict" Mom when it comes to needing to stay home from school. But, when there is vomit, diarrhea, fever, or the inability to keep their eyes open- it's back to bed they go! I'm assuming that schools have became so strict in regards to attendance due to the abuse that schools have received over the years. The big offender in our local school district has been shopping trips, or so I have been told. Once the Mall of America opened (just a two hour drive) our local school district made it known that shopping trips were not excusable school absences. I have never called my boys in to excuse them from school when they were not sick- but I am told I am not part of the so called, "norm!" Oh well, I can live with that!

Here is what parents are saying in the world of social media when it comes to sending their kids to school when they are ill.

1. If your child has a low grade temp, just give them Tylenol, it will mask the fever!  What? Now think about it-When you have a fever...Do you feel like paying attention, being around other people, and not being able to sleep when you have a fever?

2. My child cannot afford to miss anymore days of school, they MUST go when they are sick. It appears that schools have the upper hand here. Kids can only miss so many days- even when illness or surgery strikes and parents receive "the letter" in the mail. What happened to people being people?

3. It's only the flu. I don't care if it's the throwing up kind or true influenza, it's still something that spreads fast and miserable for the person that has it. Yep, I've heard this time and time again. So much for all of those dollars spent on all of those public health advertisements. To the best of my knowledge these ads are not cheap and somebody has put a lot of thought into them.

I'm thinking all of this goes back to the pressure that is put on parents and families when it comes to school in the year 2011. The competition is stiff, teachers are frazzled and over worked, and it appears to this Mom that many kids are getting left behind! So, the next time your kid is not feeling well- Will you tell them to "suck it up?" It's true- Your Kids + Sickness + School Attendance = A Miserable Kid! Oh yeah, this Mom has done that- gotten a call from the school nurse a couple hours later, but hey, I tried! After all, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. If my kid is sick, he stays home. PERIOD!

    The only thing he has missed school for was a doctor's appointment - and he only missed the last hour of school for that.

    As far as point #2 goes, if your kid HAS to go to school because they can't miss anymore days, WHY has your kid missed that many days so far? I think (here at least) kids get 10 days before they "can't" miss any more days.

    You and I are from the same kind, Sara!

  2. Sarah...I think it's in the name! We do have a GREAT name, right?

  3. My child had influenza A and the doctor said no school for 5 days. So she missed 5 days when she was sick around 10. So now all of her friends are sick at school because she couldn't miss more days. She had her wisdom teeth out-which was 4 days, she has had the nurse send her home several day. She has had strep a couple of times, and the doctor said no school for a week earlier because her blood count was astranomically high and he thought she might have leukemia. She gets sick a lot and every time we have to have a note from the doctor the doctor diagnosis something. It's up to 18 days so we have to go to court. Doesn't matter if excused, so send them to school on drugs, on a stretcher or go to jail. Crazy!!!D


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