Friday, January 13, 2012

Check The Ads Before You Visit The Grocery Store (Very Closely)

OK~ A reminder of why it's so important to thoroughly scan any ads before you hit the grocery store! I glanced through a couple of them and found some awesome Friday the 13th deals. to town I go!

I was in one grocery store and saw Lays potato chips 2 for $2.50, a pretty good price. I will not pay full price for something that we really do not need. So, I tossed a couple bags into the cart. I got up to the cash register, one rang up at $2.50 and the other at $4.29!  Wow- I must've really misread the signage. One of the cashiers willingly offered to check it out. Well, the regular Lay's potato chips were $2.50, but the Honey Barbeque were $4.29- I said, "No, thank you. I don't want those today."

So, I venture on to grocery store #2- a mile down the road, so I'm not wasting a lot of gas driving around! These chips that were $4.29 are priced at $1.88! read that correct~ $1.88!

Just an example of why it is so important to check out the prices BEFORE you hit the stores! With a price difference of $2.41, there is seriously no reason to pay full price for this item! Potato chips are not on my list, as I only buy them when they are on sale! So....a lesson learned~ check the ads! That's a lot of savings on one item. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. I also will NOT pay full price for the "extras." My husband LOVES Doritos, but I will only buy them if they are cheap.

    ONE exception - Hubs really enjoys sour cream donuts, so I buy them at full price ($2.50 for 8) once a month.

    :) Have a super weekend!


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