Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Time to Clean Out The Lazy Susan- YIKES!

OK~ Admit it! You have a cupboard that you really don't want to seriously take a look at, right? Well, due to the fact that we had a little snow storm predicted (amounted to nothing), Blaine was home last night. Since he works in the food service industry, he is very much in tune to food expiration dates- I guess his Mother is not! After a couple minutes of digging around, he says, "Mom, I'm amazed we aren't sicker than we are!" I'm thinking, "What is he finding?"

He is taking this job very serious! OK...It's on to tackle this project! Some things that were in this cupboard had no dates on them. Blaine would say, "Another item. It's so old that the date is not even required to be on it!" Yikes......Can you say Fail?

This Mom was praying really, really hard that this would be the oldest thing we found! November 29, 2006 - Only a little over five years old! The tossing continues! AND- the oldest item we found was only almost eight years old, yes- you read that correct~ eight years old!

On the bright side, my soon to be 21 year old son says to me, "Well, at least there aren't any bugs in here!" Yikes.....I'm seeing a major shopping spree ahead!
I challenge you.....If you dare! Can you find something older than eight years in your lazy susan? I have a very bare lazy susan (probably for the best)!

So......It's time to plan that next shopping spree! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. lol, I know the feeling, last month I went to open a "New" bottle of plum sauce from my cupboard pored some out and it had all separated and gone rancid, it was only then I looked at the expiry date.... 2009!!!

    Keep in mind too though just because something has a date on it, does not necessarily mean it is an expiry date, could be a best before date or even be the date it was manufactured.

  2. I won't find anything 8 years old in my pantry - but when I was gone a few weeks ago, my husband found crackers that were 2 years old! OPPS! I try to clean out the pantry once a month. Then I use what we have. EX: I cleaned out the pantry at the start of the month and found 9!! cans of green beans. I don't need more of those for at least 9 weeks! :D

    You are lucky to have such a great helper! Just imagine how much longer it would have been in there, had he not cleaned out!



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