Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Power Of Social Media

OK~ Have you really ever thought about the power you have when you post something in Social Media? Several posts were shared throughout this past week, that I continue to think about. How about  the young    girls who were asking Mattel to introduce "Beautiful and Bald Barbie?" This will be interesting to watch!

And then there's a local gentleman who has lost more than 200 pounds, the old fashioned way in our community. He changed his diet~ Now- this guy has a story and I can't wait to see where Social Media takes him!  He has more weight to lose, and is an inspiration to many.

And then there's Pinterest! My oh my....Yes, I've jumped on the Pinterest Bandwagon. One person that I know commented that it seems to be a recipe exchange-at this point, he may be right. Most of my pins are recipes and the majority of the people that I follow are pinning recipes. And yes, I did try one of those recipes today- Can you say FAIL loud enough? On to recipe #2 from Pinterest, let's see if that one is better!

And then there is LinkedIn...If you are not on LinkedIn- Let's connect there! I have just really came to grips with the power that this social media outlet offers. Having connected with several people on Twitter, who in turn have shared how they connected with their current boss through LinkedIn- and now have a job- This tells me the power of LinkedIn is huge! We are all connected- from Iowa to Europe-Social Media has you covered!

The power of Social Media is changing how we live, the things that we do, and the places that we go. I'm guessing you attended at least one event over the past year, all due to a Facebook invite? I'm excited to see where 2012 heads in the world of Social Media. For now- I'll continue to check out the latests posts, happenings, and events in your world in 2012! I really do use Facebook kind of a like a family calendar anymore, anybody else feel that way? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. This is a grat post and shows the power of social media.

    And- I need to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon too.

    Cheers and have a good week ahead!


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