Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Thing Called "Aging"

OK~ There's been a lot of discussion in the news, on talk shows, and in general lately on aging. I know that I sometimes have to pinch myself and say to myself, "Am I really that old?" I recall when I was 16, my gosh, 40 was ANCIENT...Now, I'm thinking 50 is looking mighty fabulous! And of course, my 16 year old son thinks that 30 is old....YIKES- I think he's got a reality check coming soon!

So....Would someone please explain to me why, just why........I cannot continue to grow hair where I want it to grow? And why does hair grow where I don't want it to grow? I am told it's all about the aging process- Well, what if I don't want to take part? I am finding out, we have to accept it. For whatever reason, the Good Lord has decided that dry skin and everything else that is dry - is- also part of the aging process! So...I guess I'll continue on this path of aging- I'm thankful for each blessed day- the friendships and you, my loyal blog readers, continue to bless me in ways I never imagined! So- for now, I guess I'm accepting the fact that I am five minutes older from when I started writing this post.  Garrett is now wanting to know why I sent him out the door to school- a half hour earlier to school today than he needed to leave-

Well- It's also got to do with that aging thing! Who, in their right mind can remember that every single Tuesday, school starts a 1/2 hour later than every other day of the week? That too- is too much for this aging Mom to handle. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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