Monday, February 13, 2012 Product Review: Avery Three Ringed Binder, Custom Spine Inserts & Note Tabs

OK~ As someone who is a visual person, it’s always nice to have a paper in front of me. I also appreciate it when I can have any necessary papers organized in one place. Hence, the Avery EZDHeavy Duty Reference View Binder to the rescue. Office supplies at your fingertips! 

A White, 1.5 inch three ring binder, with a cover as unique as you are. One simple touch and the rings are apart, ready for your paper. I usually prefer a more flexible binder, but for projects that require a sturdy home, this is definitely the better option.

The Avery Custom Binder Spine Inserts feature a clear, plastic cover for the binder, so you can have your own unique title page. And of course, these Avery Custom Binder Spine Inserts will work with your printer- giving you a guaranteed clean label on the spine of your Avery Binder. 

Each sheet offers five spine inserts, five sheets per pack= 25 Spine Inserts. offers templates, as well as the 1-800-GO-AVERY number for Avery, should you need it. Binder labels that really seem to be the answer to a lot of things. These inserts are sturdy, as they are not flimsy, giving you the coverage you need. Now, if your printer is running low on ink, you may even opt to just write on the Spine Insert, an option that is available.

The Avery Note Tabs are the perfect solution when it comes to labeling areas within the Avery Heavy Duty Ring Reference Binder. Let's face it, every binder needs a binder tab or two!

Just stick the piece of paper where you need it, and you are good to go. Easy to use, but simple for you to find what you need. Use these where ever you need them. I can see the possibilities for these are truly endless. But they are the ultimate solution when it comes to labeling things that you don’t want to permanently damage. Just stick it on, read it, even use them for turning pages. I honestly could not find a single pit fall in using these......As always, do a little “test” area before you stick it, but all in all- I wish these would have been around when I was a college student.

Lots of unique office supplies at your fingertips. knows how to meet your unique needs. For the avid unorganized person, to the super organized person, offers solutions for you. Solutions for the Boy Scout Leader, Girl Scout Leader, 4-H Club Leader, Student Senate Support Person, and all of the other groups you are involved in! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

*The products mentioned above were sent to me for review purposes by Shoplet. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's.

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