Friday, February 3, 2012

The Technology Keeps Changing

OK~ It's interesting how technology continues to evolve. I find myself in a crazy, mumble, jumbled mess at times. There is the tablet, and yep, I have one of those. And then there is my Nook- I had this before my tablet, so I'm still using my Nook to read my books. And those paperbacks? I'm so glad I no longer have a stack of those near my bed, as they are in one concise home, my Nook!

And then there is my cell phone. Mine is not a "true" smart phone, as it's one of those that is almost two years old AND is an introduction to a Smart Phone. It's quirky to use, and kind of challenging, as well. But, in a pinch, I can make it work! And there are no more dangling cord in our home- Remember those long, corded phones?

And then there is my laptop. I do still use it. It just "feels" right for certain things. Does that make sense? All of this technology continues to evolve- and this is just a little touch of what all is out there. What's your go-to gadget?

I'm trying to keep up with all of it, but find things moving very fast! All of this technology is providing new opportunities, new adventures, and even new experiences. Hey, if this Mom can roll with all of this technology, trust me, you can too! I am told several times a day that I am the tech challenged person in this house.......After All, It's All In A Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. There are always a million new gadgets to keep up with, and then they also are always needing updating! I guess it keeps us on our toes.


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