Friday, March 2, 2012

The Bullying Seems To Never End

OK~ My head is spinning. I have had two friends that have had children bullied in public schools, in the past two days. One was knocked un-conscious and the other was beaten to the ground. Now I do understand that bullying has been around for years, and we are more aware of it through Social Media and the media in general. But, you know what? This needs to be in the news. This is horrific!

I'll be honest. I used to think that kids that were home schooled were missing out. Not anymore- these kids are missing out on the bullying and the dangers that occur daily in our public schools. I think home schooling is a great option for families that can make it work. And I also get that we cannot shelter our kids from the "real" world.  But seriously, are we, as adults, beaten up while going to work each day?  Yes, it happens, but not as frequently as it does in our public schools.

My boys have both attended public schools and have had bullying issues along the way. I also know that my boys had some very supportive teachers and school administrators that were trying to do the best they can. Teachers are stressed, students are needy, and school administrators are tired of all the red tape. I just wish teachers could teach, kids could learn, and everybody could be happy!  I guess I'm living in the 1960's, or something in tune to that era.

My friend Michele Borba shares great information- If you have time, please watch this and share it with your family. The 6 R's That Reduce Student Bullying. It breaks my heart, as a Mom, to hear what is happening with our kids today. I'm sure bullying incidents are happening in all schools, and it just so happens the two incidents I learned of were in public schools.

As parents, we need to support our educators and be involved in the education of our children. But hey, I'll admit it, it's tough to be an involved parent when so many kids are not wanting to attend school and see the value of an education. The atmosphere can make a difference. So, how will you make a positive difference in your child's school? This Mom is still pondering what she will do. She does know that she will have many great conversations with several high school trapshooters, over the course of the next few months. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. Thanks for bringing awareness to bullying. It certainly seems to get more and more vicious every year and this makes me so sad. Public awareness is important to fight issues like bullying.



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