Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Traditions with Hershey's

OK~ I was blessed to meet up with Hershey's while attending Blissdom in Nashville, Tennessee. The folks that represented Hershey's were very knowledgeable (yes, they knew their candy) and were fun! In my opinion, if there is chocolate involved, it has to be fun.  Lots of conference attendees, including myself had the pleasure of creating Easter baskets. So, in a couple weeks, we will have a nice little package on the door-step from Hershey's.

When my boys were younger the Easter Bunny always hid eggs- and I must add, a lot of them! These colored eggs were filled with candy and money. The Easter Bunny had fun mixing it up a little each year and inventing new hiding spots. And just a couple years ago, our youngest son was the Easter Bunny at our local mall for a kids event. It was fun to see him giving joy to kids from the perspective of a teenager.

When I was growing up, Easter Dinner was a big deal! The one fun memory I have is my cousins and I (there were 9 of us) continually passing the food bowls around the table. And yes, our Uncle Warren, would always scoop out a little from each passing. I know it sounds crazy, but that's one memory that I have of Easter Dinner. Geeze, how fun it would be to be a kid again?

Well,  I'm looking forward to Easter 2012. I'm not sure what the day will have in store, but we will experience it rather soon. What are your plans for Easter 2012? I kind of miss the crazy Easter egg hunts, but I guess there probably isn't any reason we can't have one this year either. My 21 and 16 year old son won't think there Mom has lost it, will they? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. My older kids (14 year gap) had jobs at the Mall as the Easter Bunny the year they were 16 and 17. Josiah was 2 and was seriously freaked out that his sibling's voice was coming from an over-sized "rodent!" He never was a fan of the Easter Bunny after that. LOL!

  2. We will go to church and then head over to my Mom & Dad's house for lunch. We will do an egg hunt, but the kids don't really love them. I think it's partly because it's just the two of them. It was always fun when I was a kid, but there were at least 6 of us hunting for eggs!

    I LOVE that Easter Basket creating machine!!! I would love to see that online so I could do it all and have them delivered!


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