Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Always Rocks, No Matter What

OK~ Friday is here- Woot! Woot! We all love this day of the week, as a new week-end is upon us and a new week will be around the corner. Often times Friday cannot come soon enough, for these reasons:

  • Let's face it, Monday-Thursday can be a drag! Just the thought of having to get out of bed some mornings can set Monday-Thursday's tone.
  • The week-end is often a time to kick back and indulge in a little Rest and Relaxation. Who cares about the pet hair that is ground in the carpet, right? Jaws, (aka: vacuum cleaner), deserves an occasional break.
  • If you have kids in high school sports, your Friday nights are often spent at the gym. And if you are lucky, your son or daughter's team will have a winning season! 
  • Summertime brings week-end picnics, family reunions that your kids whine about attending, and lots of pool time.
  • During the school year, Friday often means a break from the day to day grind of homework. Now, if your kids are anything like mine have been, this is always a major chore for Mom! 
All in all Friday is usually a good day. For those unlucky people that work the week-ends, their Friday often arrives on Monday. To me Friday is just another busy day on the family calendar. I must admit, I do look forward to sleeping in a little longer on the week-end, as opposed to those early morning school days. I like Friday, but you know what? I also like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. So- for now, I'm going to enjoy Friday! And did you see that we have a Friday the 13th arriving soon? Now....that's a whole blog post of its own. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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  1. I hadnt noticed the Friday the 13th. Given my recent life ... I may need to sleep through it! Have a good weekend!


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