Thursday, March 1, 2012

If You Are a Mom, You Might Want To Think Before You Go On Strike

OK~ We all know that being a parent is a tough job. It is one of life's greatest experiences. So, why do our kids make things so difficult for us? I am going to challenge myself and say that the one great thing about being a Mom is simple, a Mom will always have a job! There is job security in being a Mom. And I suppose Moms could go on strike for a couple days, just to see how tall the laundry pile grows. Here's my take on why the job of a Mom never ends.

  1. Kids always need encouragement. When our kids are learning how to walk, we encourage them and cheer them on. When they are teen agers, we are often the first to hug them after they have cracked up the bumper on their car. And we Moms are the best cheerleaders for our kids when it comes to their music performances, as well as their athletic events. And the cool thing, we cheer them on; no matter how off key they are and how uncoordinated they are!  We Moms are great encouragers.
  2. Kids always need a teacher in the home. Yep, they may dislike school, but life is a lifelong learning experience. Sons and daughters both need to know how to wash a load of clothes. Who cares if they wash a load of clothes and the socks come out pink, does it really matter? Moms are the best teachers when it comes to 99.9% things in our kids' lives. Go ahead, teach. Selective hearing and that "eye roll" may happen, but go ahead, teach away!
  3. Kids need to know that Mom is available 24/7. With all of the technology in our world today, Moms can take on a lot of life's adventures, and still share in the lives of their kids! The reassurance that Mom is available is a good thing. Now, this Mom, does not take her cell phone to the gym; much to her 16 year old's disliking. Hey, a Mom has a right to a little break, right? And yes, when I leave the gym, the first thing I pick up, is my cell phone. A sigh of relief sinks in when there is not a message.
Go ahead...Be a Mom! Love your kids- show them that life is good. It's tempting to go on strike, but in the long run, it's much better to teach. Kids will always need encouragement and a Mom they can rely on. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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