Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Making a Difference In The Lives Of Our Kids

OK~ So everywhere I turn lately it seems there is a 13 year-old boy involved in a crime. My mind is pondering. The words crime and a 13 year-old boy should not be allowed to be used in the same sentence. I am reminded that our boys have very few outlets anymore where they can actually be boys. You may ask, "What does that mean?"

Well, let me ask this, "Where are boys allowed to throw rocks into streams?" There are not too many places boys can do this simple activity. Do you remember as a child skipping rocks on water? I know as a young girl, I enjoyed tossing a rock and watching it skip over the water.  Most neighborhoods don't want a rock thrower around, which I can understand; but this also leaves a void in the lives of many young people. With concrete and buildings everywhere, this makes it difficult for boys to be boys.

I know my age is showing when I say this, "Where are kids allowed to kick a can around?" There are not many places that would even allow something as simple as this. Neighbors would get irate and insist that the kids place the can in the recycling bin. And some may argue that kids have no interest in kicking a can around, as they have their video games. But, when simple things such as a can are placed in front of a child, they often welcome the change.

I am not a gun lover, but have learned to embrace guns; as I have a high school trapshooter in the house. Self esteem issues are rampant with our kids today. I have seen what high school trapshooting does for the self esteem of teens- and I will say that trapshooting is one of the best ways to build the self esteem of any teen. This Mom has seen it first hand.

The First Day Of High School Trapshooting Practice 2012

Teens that cannot run fast or qualify to compete in academic decathlons are actively participating in   high school trapshooting. In high school trapshooting there are no benchwarmers- every kid (boys and girls) shoots and participates. This does not mean that every kid gets a trophy or a medal, but every kid is actively participating. Many life lessons are taught on a shooting range.

So- this still leaves the problem of where our boys (and girls) can still be kids. I'm encouraging each of you, my readers, to encourage a young person in your life to get out and explore nature. Introduce them to skipping rocks and maybe even learn to embrace something new for yourself, maybe trapshooting. Our kids need us more than ever. Maybe tomorrow I won't wake up to another headline involving a 13 year-old boy. How will you make a difference? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. My boys LOVE to be outside. I hate that I can't let them have more freedom to explore on their own, but the world is just too scary. So, we do things as a family - geocaching, camping, hunting (well, that's just my boys and hubs), etc.


  2. Sara, You better learn to hunt! You gotta keep up with your boys. But then again, that wouldn't give you time to clean your countertops, right? Geocaching seems to be a big hit for many families, a fun activity that many are enjoying.

  3. Or go fishing or hunting or working on the farm! Generations before kept those boys BUSY and wore them plumb out!


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