Monday, March 19, 2012

Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort: Perfect For Families of All Ages

OK~ The Iowa to Florida road trip continues......Each resort along the way offered its own unique amenities and views of their little piece of Florida paradise.

The Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort was beautiful! Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Julie at the front desk, who was very friendly and accommodating. She checked us in and we were on our way. We were a party of three and were given three wrist/ankle bands. These bands were to be worn while we were on the property. Now, I must say, this was not what I expected, but could quickly see that this was a good idea, once I saw all of the amenities!

The view from our 4th Floor Balcony Villa
This resort offers a lazy river, water slide, swimming pool, hot tubs, mini-golf, tennis courts, shuffleboard, basketball courts, a movie theater, and of course, the beach! If you are a family of any size with teens, young adults, young kids, or toddlers- this resort offers something for everyone. Now, if you are traveling with toddlers and pre-schoolers there is an indoor children's play area. This area is specifically designed for those youngsters 12 and under. So, rain or shine- Ron Jon Resort Cape Caribe has you covered!

The movie theater offered movies throughout the course of the day. The movies were family oriented, with the 9:00 p.m. showing (around this time) geared toward the more mature audience.

With a teen in tow, the body boards at the beach were a hit!

 Body Boards Were Available for Rent- $5.00/hr or $10.00/day- The rental companies were set up on the beach
The words, "I'm bored" should not flow out of the lips of your child while at the Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort. The basketball and tennis courts also have fabulous lighting, should you opt to head out to these courts after the sun has set. And then there is the caribbean themed miniature golf course with no set tee times! Complimentary golf balls, putters, basketballs, tennis racquets, and tennis balls, are available at the front desk. Again, if the sun has set, there is adequate lighting to have an enjoyable round of mininature golf with your family.

The family amenities at the Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort were way more than I expected!  The Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort was very quiet considering all of the activities that were happening. If you are wanting a resort with pool side bars and full concierge services, this is not for you. If you want to have a great time with your family, stay in a very clean and quiet environment- this resort is for you. 365 days of the year- this is a great place to take your family. 

Several cruise lines depart less than a couple miles from this resort, which makes the Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort a great place to spend a night before or after your cruise. Should you opt to stay here, you can even park your car for free while cruising. 

And one other amenity that kind of goes with the location- Ship Watching! Yep, there are ships of all shapes and sizes that go right by the resort. Our fourth floor balcony villa in the main building offered a great view of several ships. I am sure the ocean front building is a fabulous place to view ships, as well. The ocean front building is closer to the beach area than the main building.

I have so much more to share of our Iowa to Florida road trip..........Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort did not disappoint this family! I'm still thinking.....I don't recall hearing the words, "I'm bored" while staying here either! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

*Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort hosted our family for two nights of lodging in March of 2012. We were guests on the property for two nights. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's.


  1. Sounds awesome! I'm glad you had a good time!

  2. What caught my eye is the fact you are making this trip to Florida and we make it to Iowa a couple times a year. Our son attends college in Iowa. We do not live far from the resort. It is a really nice place. Hope you enjoyed it.


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