Monday, April 16, 2012

Three Reasons Why You Should Stay At Ron Jon Resort: Cape Caribe

OK~ The Ron Jon Resort: Cape Caribe is simply an awesome place to stay! The next time you are in the Cape Canaveral area, you should book a stay here. I've got three reasons as to why you should.

The #1 reason why you should stay here is the fact that this is a clean resort. My family and I have not had the delight of always experiencing clean resorts while on vacation, so we were happy to see how clean this one was.

We loved the "beach" feel in our room, as I'm sure most travelers do.  And look how clean and fresh everything is.

Master Bedroom

Here in the Mid-West we don't have the opportunity to just walk out the door to the beach. So...this leads me to #2. The second reason you should stay here is the fact that the beach is in view and right up the road. If you don't want to take the short walk to the beach, you can hop on this cool ride- it will take you right down to the beach.

The Tram To The Beach

So......we are now to #3. The third reason I would suggest you stay here is the fact that you literally have your own water park right outside your door!  This resort does offer a lot of amenities that involve a lot of people, and yet there is not an excessive amount of noise on the property. My family and I were pleasantly surprised, as several people had told us this resort would be very noisy. We had a very quiet night of sleep and were ready to conquer the next day.

The On-Site Water Park Will Delight Everyone

And these are really cool. This Mid-Western Mom was intrigued with these.  How cool is this?

Outdoor Showers

Ron Jon Resort: Cape Caribe will not disappoint. And if you happen to be scheduled to cruise out of Port Canaveral, this is the ideal place to stay before and/or after your cruise. Your cruise ship is not more than a couple miles from here and you can even park here for free while on your cruise.

Oh yeah, and one more reason.......Check out this view- straight from our balcony!

The View of The Water Park From Our Room

We loved our stay here! From the friendly staff members to the cleanliness of the whole property, Ron Jon Resort: Cape Caribe will give you and your family fond memories for years to come.

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*Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort hosted our family for two nights of lodging in March of 2012. We were guests on the property for two nights. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's.


  1. we have a time share at this place i have to say it is the best place we have ever been down in florida and we visit florida often :)

  2. We have our time share there also. The entire resort including staff and amenities are "top notch". We go every year and have never had any regrets of purchasing our time share. Now that it is paid for, six of us stay for a week and spend under $800 including travel expenses to get there. Once you are there you can buy some groceries and never even move the car for seven days. That's what we do. Three months away from another visit!!!!

  3. We own several weeks at Ron Jon and look forward to our stay every year. We are also from the Midwest and love relaxing here. Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay.


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