Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Day My Son's Car Blew Up

OK~ It is always an adventure with a teen driver in the house. The past 48 hours have been a challenge here. From here on out, things can only go up. They have went about as low as they can go the past couple days.

You know, this all started with all the chaos we had with that family of skunks. The craziness continued when Garrett and his "rider" headed over to the gun club. They were not more than three miles from home when, "Bam!" Yep, this Mom got the call. "Mom, My car blew up!"  I'm thinking to myself, "Great!" As I approach the stalled car I can see a large stream of oil on the road, not good.

 I rescued two 17 year old boys alongside the road, got them back home to vehicle #2 and they were on their way to work at the gun club. The next part of this lovely day was to awake Todd to let him know we had to go get Garrett's car off of the shoulder of the county road. His sleep is precious and I dreaded tapping him on the shoulder. But, I knew I had to do it.

He woke up, got dressed and we were ready to head out. I knew the car was going to have to be towed home. So, off we went. We had a truck, hitch and chain, all ready to roll. Todd hooked the car up and said, "What one are you driving?" I said, "Car!" Big mistake- this Mom pumped and pumped those brakes and even used the emergency brake and she could not make them work!

Getting the chain hooked up

Todd got in the truck and I got in the car, off we went. I did ok keeping the car behind the truck until he started to slow the truck down and I could not slow the car down. I then found myself venturing into the other lane, as it seemed like the better alternative here. Yes, the lane with oncoming traffic (thank God there was none)! The other alternative was slamming into the rear end of the truck. I think I made the best choice, don't you? At one point the chain was going across the road and the front passenger door of the car was next to the passenger car of the truck. At that moment I knew I had been fired and had blew my chances of ever being hired by a tow truck company.

My view while in the car being towed

After managing to get both vehicles safely to the side of the road we switched views. Todd told me, "Don't go over 25 mph!" I immediately said, "That's too fast. I could not slow down." We were now homeward bound. Only three more turns and one stop sign, life was looking good. Well, the stop sign scenario was not good. While taking off there was a large "clunk!" Thankfully we were still attached with a heavy chain and we had a hammer nearby when we arrived home.

My view after we switched places- I like this view better!

Things were looking much better as I pulled in the driveway and was able to park the truck without any vehicle alongside of me. For some reason, the car stayed behind the truck while he was driving. Seriously, what's up with that? I did not stick around long as I heard Todd say, "Gotta get a hammer to get that chain off!" Well, remember that loud clunk? Turns out that really tightened up that chain.

See- 15 mph is good!

Thanks to my son's car blowing up I now know where the emergency brake is located in a 1993 Ford Taurus, (although I question if it works), I do not risk being hired by a tow truck company and I know that 10-15 mph is the perfect speed limit to travel when towing a vehicle. Oh yeah, and one more thing. The plus side to living in Iowa-there isn't much traffic. Geeshe....I think I need a drink now! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?


  1. A drink sounds lovely after a day like that!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! What a crazy day! I am glad everyone is safe and that the car didn't blow up with fire and flames!!

  3. My golly Sara! I do like your pics!! And I would want to be in the front as well.


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