Friday, May 18, 2012

Shoplet.Com: Swingline EX10-05 Light-Duty Cross-Cut Shredder Review

OK~ I have tried a couple paper shredders through the years and have had not had any luck with them. When offered me the opportunity to review the Swingline EX10-05 Light-Duty Cross-Cut Shredder, I jumped on the opportunity.

Swingline EX10-05 Light-Duty Cross-Cut Shredder
I will say I was pleasantly surprised on how well it functioned. When sliding papers and CDs in, there were no issues. Shopping for paper shredders can be overwhelming, as the first thing a person wonders is how many sheets of paper will shred through at once. This one lived up to my expectations, as I had no problem shredding several sheets of paper at a time.

Document shredders are often super noisy, which was not the case with this particular one. I was rather surprised at how quiet the Swingline EX10-05 Light-Duty Cross-Cut Shredder ran. I expected the shredder to be louder than it was. I have to say that I did appreciate the quietness, but I also appreciated the fact that this was a cross shredder.  Identity theft seems to be running rampant, and this is a fabulous solution. Look at how fine this paper is shredded.

Cross Shredded Paper-The View Through The Window On The Machine
This paper shredder also shreds credit cards, CDs, and staples. I have shredded numerous items over the past few days and I can honestly state that I have not had one paper jam; which was a welcome change. Any paper shredders that I have owned in the past have had issues with the paper not flowing through. I also loved the fact that there is a little window that allows users to see when the bin is full.

The buttons are easy to use and I found the instructions helpful. The shredder itself was easy to set up and the design is fabulous. It looks sleek, not like a trash can. Often times shredders are machines that people like to hide, as they look ancient. This shredder is one that you won't feel like you have to hide. When you have a machine like this in your office, your office supplies will all look up to date. It looks like a lot of the unwanted mail that continues to arrive for our 21 year old son, now has a new home. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

*I was sent a Swingline EX10-05 Light -Duty Cross-Cut Shredder for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's.

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