Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skunks And Spring Time- This Mom Wants The Skunks To Waltz Right On By

OK~ Living in the Iowa countryside can be crazy at times. Spring times brings critters that this Mom would love to see waltz right on by her yard. Seriously, why would a family of skunks want to waltz through our grove? You know, we have cats and dogs that really do not enjoy a confrontation with a skunk.

It should be no surprise that I was in the house at my computer with the windows open and that lovely horrible odor that skunks emit began to flow through our home. I quickly closed the windows. I stepped outside to find one dog, Skipper. Garrett was no where to be found, as well as the other dog, Wally. Within two minutes I had found one "smelly" seventeen year old son and two smelly dogs. Momma skunk and siblings had moved on their way. One skunk met it's demise with a dog and a kid!

Now, if you have never seen a skunk in action, let me tell you- they can be very vicious! Dogs are OK, Kid is clean and this Mom is bracing herself for round number two. With a Momma skunk and siblings nearby, it's not gonna be a rosy smelling summer.

Amazingly, Wally accepted his date with the garden hose and dish soap rather well!

Skunks, raccoons, wood chucks, and opossums seem to like what we have to offer here. I guess it's due to the solitude that we enjoy, a critter has to throw in a little chaos now and then. For now, I'm enjoying the breeze that we have in Iowa, as it's sure to air two dogs and a kid out today! On the bright side, the school nurse has not called me to tell me that my son is omitting an odor at school. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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