Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Mom Is Requesting A New Start To The Day

OK~ How often do you want to crawl back into bed and crawl back out? Well, that's been my day today. I seriously wish I could go back and start the day all over. With only three issues today- they sure made my day crazy.

  • Bugs! My 21 year old son cannot stand bugs. He is deathly afraid of them and he has now resorted to roaming around the house 2/47 with a flashlight in tow. I guess I won't worry too much, until he finds the head flashlight deal that we have somewhere in the house for camping. When I see him sporting that in the middle of the night, I know we have entered a whole new zone with these so called bugs. I see bugs occasionally, but not to the extent that he does. This whole bug thing is new to me. Although, he has never liked bugs, but it seems to be getting worse. Uggghhh!
  • Pertussis! Yep, we have good old fashioned whooping cough circulating in our area. The goal in this house is to keep everyone healthy. s
  • Nose bleeds! I am hoping for one day, yep, you read that correct, just one day where we don't have one nose bleed in this house. The last week has been bad. Must be the dryness of the air.
So for now, I will focus on a few more days of Garrett's Junior Year in High School and begin to focus on summer. Time marches on and on and on and on.........We will battle the bugs together, avoid pertussis, and kiss the nose bleeds good-bye! Although I do believe my washing machine has been enjoying the extra work-out. Good old Wisk is getting the blood stains out pretty darn well! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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