Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Word Time

OK~ I am sitting here thinking about the word time and several things have crossed my mind. Am I seriously the Mom of a 21 and soon to be 17 year old? It seems that the older people in my life do always "get" life. I recall the day that I held my oldest son in my arms and my room mate had just given birth to her third child. She told me to enjoy him while he was so little.  Now, since I was a first time Mom, I thought to myself, "What does she know?" It turns out she knew way more than I gave her credit for at the ripe old age of 24!

And time marches on. Time is perpetual, as there is no turning back. Our four seasons tend to come and go. The grass turns green and then the snow flies. In Iowa we are in tune with time on a daily basis. Our farmers are watching the calendar very close, as we have had a week of wet, muddy weather. There are still many acres of crops that need to be planted.

Time is everywhere. Our kids have set schedules, as their teachers expects them to be in the classroom by a certain time. Many high school graduation parties are being planned. Most Moms that are planning graduation celebrations will tell you that time is not on their side. Those 17-18 years just seemed to go "poof!"

For now I will watch the clock move forward, enjoy life, and know that it is important to embrace the blessings in each day. Are you making the most out of every hour in your life? I know I have some work to do, as time does not seem to be on my side. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

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