Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summertime In Iowa

OK~ It is a holiday week-end and these are the sights around my house. How do yours compare?

Tree Trimming

Skipper Is Curious- The Tree Trimming Machine  Looks Like An Alien

The Alien Looking Machine

My Two Favorite Iowa Farmers (My Brother and My Dad)

So, This Is How My Yard Looks. It's Hot, Summertime, and Lots of Green! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Apartment Guide: Making a Difference In the Lives of Many

OK~ I have returned from the Type A Parent Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. The people, food (Charlotte has tasty food around every corner), and sessions literally blew this Mom away. The importance of E-mail (Yes, E-mail still matters), producing viral content, telling stories, and the ins and out of Google+ were some of the sessions I attended.

A huge thank you to Apartment Guide for sponsoring me and letting me connect with several lifestyle bloggers on behalf of Apartment Guide. I cannot wait to see what some of these amazing writers produce over the course of the next few months. The quality of fellow writers I met at this conference really blew me away. Thanks to Apartment Guide, I was able to make these wonderful connections.

If you do not know what Apartment Guide is all about, take a swing through their website. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Apartment Guide offers tips on what you may want in your new home and also assist in helping you find the perfect location. If you also struggle with your home decor, look no further. Apartment Guide offers amazing solutions that will give your home that extra "aaaaahhh"  factor.  

Connect with Apartment Guide on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. You will be glad you connected, as you will find yourself pulled into the daily interaction.

From now through August 14, 2012, you will want to participate in Apartment Guide's Your Picks, Your Place Sweepstakes.  By participating and entering you will have the opportunity to win $10,000 to redo your space. The opportunity to design your place with your personal style is right at your fingertips. Vote and join in the fun!

Apartment Guide provides resources for busy families, the business man, college interns and people from all walks of life. The next time you are on the hunt for that perfect place, connect with Apartment Guide. I don't know about you, but I know I am all about simple and affordable ways to make my life a little easier. Apartment Guide not only inspires, but it also offers solutions for your storage issues and more. Go ahead, make the connection, you will be glad you did. Once you make the connection with Apartment Guide, your life will change. You will be organized, inspired, and happy to call your place home. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

 *Apartment Guide Has Partnered Up With Me, As They Are Paying For A Portion Of My Way To Attend Type A Parent Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, In June 2012.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

After Fifty Years She Is Now Able To Read

OK~ I am thinking about donors today. It was a week ago yesterday that my Mom had a cornea transplant. She had an eye condition known as keratoconus. The cornea of her left eye was shaped like a cone, which gave her extremely blurry vision. She had lived like this for more than 50 years.

Due to all of the advancements of this procedure, the procedure itself was not very invasive. She is on the road to seeing, yes I said seeing. I have always known that my Mom was considered legally blind in her left eye.

Myself, Mom And My Sister

It was not until I accompanied her to an eye Dr. appointment that I realized that she really could not see out of that eye. You know when the technician puts up letters on the wall during an eye exam? Well, her left eye was so bad that she could not see a piece of paper with a large E on it.

I thought to myself, WOW! All of these years and I never really grasped how poor her eyesight was. My Mom drove the car, sews like a bandit, and has always cooked up a storm in the kitchen. She never let her inability to see out of that eye stop her from doing the things she loved.

Just a little over a week ago she struggled to make out the BIG letter E with her left eye and today she is reading a font comparable to what you are reading here! I am so happy for my Mom. We all take our eyesight for granted, and let me tell you this. After seeing what she endured for so long, I'm not taking my eye sight  for granted anymore.

If you have keratoconus, do check with your eye Dr. to see if there are steps you can take to see. Mom tried different contact lenses through the years, but they never really helped. A cornea transplant is usually a last ditch effort, and if you arrive at that, do not hesitate. I'm seeing miraculous results with my Mom. Her vision will improve each day over the course of the next year. I am sure she will enjoy the new sights she has with her "new" eye.

A huge thank you to donors. Giving so that others may live is such a special gift.  Due to the fact that someone donated a cornea, my Mom is now able to read. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 Review: Pendaflex File Folders, Esselte Copysafe File Jacket And Ampad Project Planner

OK~ has done it again. I received a nice package of handy office supplies. From file folders, hanging folders, to file knows how to accommodate it's customers.

The Ampad Project Planner is pink and white and contains 84 sheets. Each project planner that is sold benefits breast cancer research and education, as a portion of of the profits are donated with each planner that is purchased. Each page is simple and is a great way to keep track of your day to day activities. The print on the inside of the planner is not very dark. If you need reading glasses, be sure to have them nearby when using this handy daily planner.

The Pendaflex Divide it Up File Folder is sold in packs of 12. The cool thing about this folder is that you can subdivide a project in one folder. Each section is closed on two sides, so your papers do not fall out.

The separate sections make the ideal folder for a Mom on the go, or someone who needs to keep multiple papers in one place while out and about. And the colors.....I love all these bright, vibrant colors.

The Esselte Copysafe File Jacket is designed to keep your items private. If you need to transport something that needs to remain private and confidential; this item is for you.

The clear poly lets you see that you have something inside, but you are unable to read between the lines. Wear resistant, tear-resistant and moisture resistant. Sometimes jackets like this are sticky and this Esselte Copysafe File Jacket  was very smooth to touch. This would be a great file jacket to accompany you and your child to school physicals.

All in all these office supplies are fabulous items that I will use on a daily basis. Each item is sturdy and meets my needs in the way that I need them to. For the high school student and college student that reside in this house, these are also great for school use. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

*As a regular reviewer of I did receive products to review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's.

My 122nd Wordless Wednesday Post

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Connections We Make On This Social Media Train

OK~ I am sitting here writing and actually thinking about all of the inspirational people that have entered my life over the course of the last three years. It is through the power of Twitter, Facebook, and all of these fun social media networks that are out there that have changed my life.

When I started this crazy, little blog it was purely for therapy. Writing turned out to be a great way for me to find a "new" purpose in life. Sure, I am a wife, Mom, daughter and all those good things; but it's always nice to have a reason to crawl out of bed each morning. I now find myself arising around the crack of dawn because I am excited to see what new adventures await me.

Writing is still therapeutic for me and always will be. Seriously, if you have ever considered writing, do try it! Writing is a fantastic way to express yourself, your feelings, your emotions, and an avenue to meet inspiring people.

Through this blog that I started a little more than three years ago; I have been inspired by others as they have taken the time to leave me a comment or two on a post. Many have encouraged me to write about certain topics. Now, I must confess that Jeff Goins has probably influenced me the most when it comes to writing out of my comfort zone.

 I am an Iowa Mom who is sharing her life with the world. Think about that, just ponder that thought. Through the world wide web we are all connected in ways that my Grandmother never imagined we would be. I know that when I was a child the East Coast seemed like it was far, far away. Now, in 2012, I have many friends that reside on the East Coast and we chat daily through Twitter. We met through social media and these people "get" me! Sounds crazy, but this is my world.

The power of social media continues to influence me in my day to day life. It challenges me to be the best that I can be and to reach for that next step. I have no clue where this crazy social media train is heading, but I can tell you that I am enjoying every step along the way. The connections I have made have truly changed my life. How has social media impacted your life? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Four Observations Of Summer Travel

OK~ I have been traveling and loving every moment of it. I was fortunate to have attended the Type A Parent Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. I made four observations on my way home today. I am curious to know how many of you have observed the same things while traveling.

  1. All airline passengers would benefit if parents would talk to their kids about the security line at the airport. Talk about chaos- Enough said!
  2. Yes, 55 mph means 55 mph. While traveling through a construction zone people were cruising along at more than 70 mph. I guess I was the "slow" one, as I was going 55 mph.
  3. No matter how many times a parent tells a child to use the restroom before they board the plane, it's inevitable that the child will need to go before take-off.
  4. There are nice people in this world. I seriously met some inspiring people in the airport and on the plane. I met a young man who is working hard, saving money to start his own business. He told me that now is not the right time. I asked him, "When is the right time?" He said, "Thanks for the nudge!"
So, all in all- it was a good day. Just a few things along the way to make my travel a little more interesting. Hey, I get it! My boys were once younger and they still challenge me. I left home for a few days and I really don't think my boys missed me. But you know what, I really think these two missed me.
Wally and Skipper

 What do you think? After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

This Mom Does Not Need To Know What Happens When She Leaves Town

OK~ The message from my husband goes something like this. Looks like rain. No fishing today. I will tackle the kitchen, as it looks like a scene from The Hangover. I do not know if this Mom really wants to know what happens when she goes out of town. After All, It's All In A Mom's Day, Right?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Milk Weeds And Thistles Bring Back The Memories For This Iowa Farm Gal

OK~ Today I was cruising down the gravel road and taking note of some of the weeds that are popping up. This one brought the memories all back!

Milk Weed In Iowa

I was immediately taken back to my childhood days of bean walking. Yep, I was maybe all nine years old and walking beans. You may ask, "What is walking beans?" Well, when we walked beans, we literally walked the bean field to pull weeds. With all of the controversy of kids working on farms today, I'm not sure nine year olds would even be allowed to walk beans. I'm living proof that kids will survive a little work on the farm. It kept me busy and out of trouble for several summers. By the time I was 12 years old I was a pro! The rows I walked did not have any weeds left, except maybe a couple of these prickly monsters.

 Thistle In Iowa
Summertime is in full swing here in Iowa. We have lots of heat, weeds, and we are praying for rain. For now, I will keep my eyes open for those pesky weeds and maybe round up a teen or young adult out of the house to get rid of 'em. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right? 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Yep, That Would Be My Kid That Passed Out After Drinking All That Mountain Dew

OK~ Summertime has arrived in full force here in Iowa. Today was a scorcher and I seriously mean that. Anytime the thermometer hits 93 degrees or more in June, it is an indication that we are in for one hot summer. Heatstroke is something that every parent needs to be concerned about. Today's heat reminded me of the many Cub/Boy Scout Campouts that I went on with my boys. One particular incident stuck out in my mind.

It was 90+ degrees, 100% humidity and I was tent camping with a crew of 12 year old boys. Garrett had decided that he could have Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew, and snow cones. He was whittling a stick with his pocket knife and managed to cut his finger. He flew over to the trough (yep, we had a trough in camp) to rinse it off and get water running on it. As he was standing over the trough, I saw him start to fall backwards. Another adult that was in camp saw it coming before I did and caught him. Yep, that was my kid. He had passed out.

Due to the fact that he had drank tons of Mountain Dew and no water, he was very dehydrated.  We got him to wake up and he walked to the car. I cranked the air conditioner up and headed to the first aid station. He did not cut himself that bad, a bandaid took care of the cut. The issue at hand was heatstroke. He spent the next several hours in an air conditioned room and drank a ton of water. It was the sight of the blood that sent him over the edge.

He returned to camp and this Mom turned on the lecture to all of the boys. I told them to drink tons of water, as we did not need to have another Garrett incident. Sad part....I could not give up my Diet Coke!

Heatstroke is very serious and if you think your child has had too much sun, guess what? They probably have. Kids, even twelve year olds, don't know when they have had too much of a good thing.  Before we ventured on any Cub/Boy Scout campouts we always told the boys to drink lots and lots of water. But hey, boys like their Mountain Dew and my kid was no exception! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Mother Nature: We'd Like To Go From Brown To Green

OK~ A little update in regards to our little garden in Iowa.  The lettuce is up and we are enjoying it!

And then we have green beans, they too are coming right along!

The onions and potatoes are also growing. We have never planted potatoes, so this is something totally new to all of us. They have little flowers on them, which appears to be a good thing!

The soybeans in the field behind our house are coming right along, but desperately need rain. My brother, the no-till farmer, farms the ground here.

Several corn and soybean fields around us also need a good soaking, this field included. Sadly this has been a common sight lately.

Yep, this is to the East of us. We seem to be sitting in a little hole with a cover over us. Just a few miles to the west they were blessed with an inch of rain the other night and we did not get a single drop! So, Mother Nature, you can turn on the faucet, but please know when to turn it off. Our little garden in Iowa is doing well, thanks to a garden hose and a father-in-law that is willing to water it daily. Our soybeans and corn are needing a drink. Oh yes, and I forgot to mention our lawn. Would someone please tell me how the yard can be brown, with short, crunchy grass, and covered in several weeds which are blossoming? Seems crazy to run the lawn mower to chop the weeds. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Day My 17 Year Old Son Got Lost

OK~ My phone rings around 10:00 p.m.. Garrett is calling me and his voice is all mumble jumbled. He continues to ramble on and on..........In the back of my mind I am thinking, "Where did he crack the car up and is he ok?" I finally get him to calm down and bring his voice down into something that a person could understand. The problem is much simpler than I had anticipated, he is lost. Yep, my kid got lost!

He was on his way home from work and his regular route had a detour on it. Remember, this is Iowa, rural Iowa. The detour signs just say, "Detour." I know, seems kind of backwards to me too, but that's all they really say. Here in Iowa we are all expected to know where all these back roads take us.

During our conversation he tells me that he thinks he is in a town as there are grain bins nearby. We then come to the conclusion that he has arrived in Thornton, Iowa. He has been to Thornton before as a passenger in a car, but never driven there. Our conversation continues as he tells me he has been on B-60 and S-25, which confused me too. I told him that he needed to get on Highway 107 and head North. Well, little did I know that Highway 107 no longer exists, it is now S-25 ( or something like that)!

He heads North out of Thornton, which is towards home and cruises right by the blacktop (which is B-43) that he should take to arrive home. He then finds himself back in another town. Yep, he arrived in Clear Lake, Iowa- a town which is nearby the gun club that he had left an hour earlier. I then convinced him to park the car and I would come escort him home.

The short version:  My kid got lost and his Mom needs to learn the road names and numbers. The long version: It's gonna be a long summer with all of these detours on these county roads. I guess I need to take a crash course on what all the roads are called around here- all of these B's and S's have this Mom confused.

Ugghhhh....those phone calls from these teens, they really do put me on the edge.  Looking back on this escapade I do realize that I should not have asked, "Where are you? I will come get you!" Wrong question to ask a teen when they have called you to ask for directions. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

These Teens Keep Testing This Mom And Her Peripheral Vision

OK~ Yesterday I accompanied some high school trapshooters to a sporting clay shoot. My car had myself, my son and two girls in it. My 17 year old son sat up front with me and did not say a whole lot. Now, being a Mom to two boys, I can honestly say that I have had some very interesting car rides through the years to Cub Scout Camp and Boy Scout Camp. Most of the time the discussion was about where to set up the tents and when the pool would be open. Yesterday the back seat conversation took a different twist, as it went something like this.

Girl #1: "Three For $30 is too much!"
Girl #2: "I would never pay $10 for a pair of underwear!"
Girl #1: "I might if they looked right!"

Now my peripheral vision was put to the test. I continued to face forward, drive the car, yet wondering what my son's reaction was. My 40 something year old eyes could see that he was speechless, as he continued to face forward! We continued onward as the conversation veered away from underwear and moved to music. Much, much better! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Make Wright By The Sea The Next Destination For Your Family Reunion

OK~ Wright By The Sea located in Delray Beach, Florida, is the ideal location to book for your next family reunion. The staff will assist you in every way, shape, and form. They will lead you by the hand, guaranteeing that you and your family will have a memorable reunion. And I do mean, a pleasant memorable reunion. Northerners and Southerners a like will appreciate all that this property on the Atlantic Ocean has to offer.

The property is accommodating to guests of all ages. All guests can stroll to the beach and take in all the natural beauty that sits on the property. Wright By The Sea is a place where fun and families equal lots of great memories.

The walkway to the beach
The outdoor amenities make this the ideal location for your family reunion. Shuffleboard, Basketball, Table Tennis, Swimming Pool, Croquet, Complimentary Cabanas, Private Beach Area, Croquet, Outdoor Showers, Ocean Observation Deck, Outdoor Grill, And The Ever Popular Chickee Hut Pavilion are all available for your use.

Shuffleboard Near The Chickee Hut Pavilion
When night time rolls around, the property here is very well lit. It's not too bright, just enough so you can get around safely from area to area. And I must say that the morning views here- Wow! Check this out......

Sunrise At Wright By The Sea

With 29 Units available to reserve, Wright By The Sea would love to be a part of your next family reunion. There are Studio, One Bedroom and Two Bedroom Suites to book. And another cool thing, the owners of Wright By The Sea understand the fact that vacationing families have dirty laundry. There is a washing machine and dryer on the property, for your use. I'm not talking your everyday coin laundry, this is a washing machine and dryer designed with the traveler in mind. There is no need for coins, as it is a regular washer and dryer. This is another fine amenity that Wright By The Sea offers. 

Our family loved our stay here in March of 2012. We know you would enjoy a stay here. The staff rolled out the red carpet for us, as we were on an Iowa to Florida road trip. I have no doubt that you will also love walking on the red carpet while staying at Wright By The Sea. This property would easily pass the "White Glove Test!" Book your stay today and let them know that the Iowa Mom sent you!  Connect with Wright By The Sea on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest happenings at this beautiful Florida Hotel.

A special thank you to the folks at Wright By The Sea for hosting our family while we were on our Iowa to Florida Road Trip! And again, we did not hear, "Mom, I'm bored while staying here!" After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

*My family and I were guests on this property for one night in March of 2012. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover: Product Review

An Excellent Product When It Comes to Removing Tough Stains
OK~ Just a few days ago the boys in this house were using my white shirt to clean gun parts. Yep, you read that correctly. My Mom suggested that I try this "stuff" that she had on hand. Grandma's Secret Spot Remover- Let me tell you!  This stuff works fabulous. My shirt had black grease and Lord only knows what else on it that was on these guns. And the fabulous part of this story is the fact that my white shirt is now white. I washed the shirt several times, used three other different stain removers that did not touch the stains. But, one little squirt of Grandma's Secret Spot Remover and I have success! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

*I did not receive any product or monetary compensation for this post. I borrowed the bottle from my Mom. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Four Boys and Two Dogs Equal Success

OK~ I am seriously waiting for the good car "fairy" to come down and bless this house. After this scene........4 boys of all ages and 2 dogs, I am happy to report that this car is now running well.

Grandpa, Dad, Two Sons, And Two Dogs

So.....The fingers are now crossed. Due to the fact that Garrett's car blew up a few days ago, we no longer have to worry about any issues with the car he's driving. If something happens to the car he is driving, that means I no longer have a car. Geeshe- Boys and Cars! I wonder if girls would have been easier when it comes to cars. I guess I will never know the answer to that. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Really: Do You Have To Use That Shirt To Clean That Gun?

OK~ You know that I have boys and guns in our home. With a high school trapshooter that wants to shoot 24/7, there is a lot of gun cleaning going on here. And much to my dismay, my hubby was actually using my, yes I said "my" white summer shirt (with a pretty flower imprint on the front) to clean gun accessories! I kid you not- this could only happen to me. His comment, "It was on top of the gun cabinet." Well, hello?  I do not touch that gun cabinet and I did not put that shirt there....GRRRRRRR

Guns or a nice, white shirt for Mom? At this house the guns rule. So much for trying to have something nice! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

P.S. Due to the fact that I have misplaced my camera today I can't show you a picture of my now "spotted" black and white shirt. Maybe after a third soaking it will come clean.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My 10,001 Thoughts For The Day

OK~ I am having one of those days. My mind is literally racing. I do wonder. Can you relate to any of these thoughts? If so, I'd love to hear about your experience.

My view when I move my office outside

  • School is out for the summer
  • The video gaming system on during the day will drive me nuts this summer
  • Proud of my seventeen year old for his accomplishments on the high school trapshooting team
  • Disgusted that it literally took years for Dr.'s to diagnose my 21 year old son's sinus infection (60 day regimen of antibiotics now ordered)
  • Change those passwords- Yep, LinkedIn was hacked
  • Type A Parent Conference is quickly approaching 
  • I miss the days of heading to the local swimming pool with my "little" boys in tow
  • Blessed to have connected with so many great people through so many fabulous social media platforms
  • Our garden is growing (it's green)
  • The corn and soybean fields are also turning very green
  • Our baby kittens are thriving, even though one mother cat has claimed three litters to herself

So, for now, I will enjoy summertime in Iowa and what it has to offer. I guess I miscalculated,, as I only have 11 thoughts racing through my mind, not 10,001. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Three Reasons Why You Need To Book a Vacation At Tuckaway Shores Resort

OK~ Tuckaway Shores Resort located in Indialantic, Florida, will grab your heart as soon as you step on the property. We were greeted with friendly staff and amazed at how clean this ocean front property was. I've got three fantastic reasons why you need to book your next Florida vacation here.

Stairs To The Beach

  1. The Beach:  Tuckaway Shores puts you steps away from the beach. When you stay at Tuckaway Shores, you are literally a hop, skip, and a jump from the beach. The sand here is fine and the sunrise is fantastic! Living in Iowa, we do not have the opportunity to experience sunrises like we experienced here, or the fine sugary sand that we walked in. The feel of Old Florida is even near while walking the beach. Kids of all ages appreciate the beach and what Tuckaway Shores has to offer. 
  2. The Perfect Family Friendly Get-A-Way:  Tuckaway Shores offers a heated swimming pool, the Atlantic Ocean Beach with several items for beach use, cable television and free wireless internet. Kitchenettes are available with service for four. This saves you time and money when it comes to eating out with the kiddos in tow. Housekeeping services were top notch and more than flexible when it comes to meeting the need of your family.
  3. Location:  Tuckaway shores is located right on the Atlantic Ocean, offering you all the amenities that go with a day at the beach. Orlando attractions are nearby, as well as the Kennedy Space Center. Should you be cruising out of Port Canaveral, you may want to consider a stay here before you embark. The drive to Port Canaveral from Tuckaway Shores is not that far. 
The view on the shoreline of Tuckaway Shores

The beach, location, and the amenities that are offered for families at Tuckaway Shores are abundant. If you want to stay one, two, three nights or even more; you will find this resort will be more than accommodating for you.

Our family loved our stay here in March of 2012 and we were thankful that Tuckaway Shores teamed up with us for a night's stay. They helped make our Iowa to Florida Road Trip a memorable one. Book your family vacation here and let them know the "Iowa Mom" sent you! You will be glad you did. The hospitality will blow you away- it was top notch! Florida, Sunshine, and a Top Notch Resort make a Florida vacation the ultimate destination. 

I'm happy to report- I did not hear the words, "I am bored," while staying at Tuckaway Shores Resort. Connect with Tuckaway Shores on Facebook to stay in the loop when it comes to the latest happenings, they will be glad that you "liked" their page. Book your stay today! After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

*My family and I were guests on this property for one night in March of 2012. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. The opinions expressed here are mine and nobody else's.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Mice Should Run Now

OK~ I was working on moving my office outside today and I heard a little "meow." I looked over and this is what I found. Yep, this Momma kitty and her brood are lounging a few feet from me. Our farm cats are producing well this Spring!

Let me make this statement loud and clear. There shall be no need for one single mouse to move into this house once Fall rolls around. I cannot stand mice, but I sure welcome these little kittens with open arms. The mice should run far, far away and scurry while the weather is warm.

I know I often take the quiet of my yard for granted. Today just reminds me of how blessed I am to live in the open country, where quiet, clean, crisp country air are abundant.

I will keep writing and working- enjoying the solitude of my little corner in Iowa. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Congratulations Mason City Mohawk Trapshooting Team- Iowa 2012 State Champs

OK~ We have had a crazy, busy, fun week-end. Our son's high school trapshooting team won the championship at the Iowa State Trapshooting Meet on Saturday. We are so proud of all of these kids. They have all worked hard, practiced diligently- competing week after week to earn this title. What is so interesting to me is that there are people out there that have no clue what trap shooting is and insist that their kids not participate in this sport. Well, let me tell you this. Trapshooting has been one of the best confident builders that our son could have ever been introduced to. So, when your son or daughter comes home from school and says they want to join the high school trapshooting team. Do not say, "No, you are not doing that. There are guns involved." Visit with the coaches and let them show you what trapshooting is. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Congratulations Mohawk Trapshooters- All of those meets in the cold, rain and wind paid off in a big way! Now, it's time to focus on the end of the year banquet and look forward to the 2013 trapshooting season. I know we have a young man in this house who will be ready for the season to roll. After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Memories And The Not So Lucky Week

OK~ We have memories. This was the first day he drove the 1993 Ford Taurus to school.

February 2012 (In Iowa)

The status report is now in. When the car blew up the other night, it was the end. Simply put- done!  So, it is time to let this once reliable car rest in peace. All the work the boys spent fixing the brakes on it this past week-end, yes, you read that correct; is now out the window. In the grand scheme of things, I'm thankful nobody got hurt and we can now look forward.

What a week we have had- a family of skunks, the car blew up and Garrett's gun broke. Tomorrow we head to the Iowa State High School Trapshooting Meet, and Garrett will shoot a gun that is new to him. The timing on all of this is just crazy. I know there is a reason, but I really do not understand why. Garrett commented the other night, "Mom, this week has not been very lucky for me." I sighed, "I know." After All, It's All In a Mom's Day, Right?